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Wordless Wednesday {Christmas gifts, #10}

Finally!!! I take some time to go through all my Christmas gifts, write them down and find pictures to show them to you. It took me some time, but here we go. ;) 

There's no particular order with this gifts, I just randomly put pictures in. ;) 

+ Beautiful Promod Wallet: 
+ Promod gloves:

+ Hanna Werning 2012 diary: 

I love all this space that I have to write things down! Precious! 

+ Paul's Boutique Cosmetic bag:
+ I was whining about all my empty perfume bottles and this is what happened. 4 different but extremely good smelling perfumes! I love every one of them. 

This last two I already owned for quite some years now and both my bottles were empty, so I was so happy to get new ones. ;)

+ Dolce Gusto!!! I love it!! Best coffee ever! and Chococino!! Mmmm - it's absolutely gorgeous! 

We don't have this Aghata R. nice looking one, but I love it anyway. ;)

+ Three new O.P.I. nail polishes, but I can't tell you the exact color since I don't know it and I can't check it right now since I have them in the same room where Luna's sleeping. ;) And I don't want to wake her up. ;) But they are some nude/pink shades, that I know. ;) I didn't even try them all yet - just one. ;)  

This picture is just random one. 

+ Polka dot PJ and cute polka dot socks. :) 

I didn't get this exact ones, but very similar. Ribbon on my pants is grey and polka dots are colorful. :)

+ Nars Funny Face lipstick. Tried it only once and I'm sure I have it in some bag, but not sure in which one. ;) 

+ Two new books. Uhhh I love books! We (my family) have so many books, that we would really need some extra place to put them all in. :)

River Island Watch

+ Gorgeous Aldo bag! 

I actually receive this one after the Christmas, so this one didn't even meet our Christmas tree, but it was still part of my Christmas gifts. ;) 

+ An amazing Gift Certificate for dm-drogerie markt. 

Can't wait to spend it!! :) Well I won't be buying any perfume, that's for sure. ;)

+ I did get a lot of sweet things too - like chocolate and things like that. But we ate most of it already so I have nothing to show you. ;) 

I have some new necklaces in my Etsy shop

And if you are wondering about the length: 

It's long as the necklace marked on this picture. 

 Stay beautiful and smart + don't forget to smile! :) 


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