nedelja, 15. januar 2012


Hi there! 

New game (I was talking about it few days ago, check here) is ON!! :) And as I promised I here is my short wish-list. Hope you will find time to make one too, and join us in this lovely game. I will make sure to check out everyones entry. ;) 

1. Deborah Prêt à Porter Nail Enamel Collection

OMG, love every single color! Can please someone buy them all and give them to me? As an extremely early birthday present?? And I mean real early, like 10 months too early. But I won't be mad, not at all. Just give them to meeeee!!! ;)

2. Huge bed for my sweetie 

My sweet sugar needs this! She would really enjoy this enormous bed! And so would I. ;)

3. Pocket Watch Necklace

I've been searching for a perfect watch necklace for soooo long and I finally give up, because I couldn't find it. But I decided to do something about it and very soon you will be able to find your perfect watch necklace in my shop! That's right - I'll start making watch necklaces in this upcoming days and they will be available in my Etsy shop. This is the only way for me to get my hands on what I want for myself - to create a beautiful necklace, by myself. ;) 

4. Bow + glitter ballet shoes 
Don't you just love them?? They are so super cute, and I can already see myself wearing them. Ohhh ... 

5. Dreamy laundry room 

Amazing laundry room!!! Love everything about it - colors, things in it .. GORGEOUS! 

6. Beautiful Valentino Flower-appliquéd canvas tote

Such a beautiful spring bag! And in such a great color, you can combine it with so many colors. Is it to early to write to Santa? Is he excepting mails already? ;) 

So this is it for this week. I have so many great things on my wish-list, but I will show them next Sunday. ;) Be here, so you don't miss it. 

And make sure to play this beautiful game with us! Go to SS Fashion World and be part of it! :)


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