petek, 31. avgust 2012

Hello Friday!

Happy to celebrate this Friday, right? Well to be exact I love to celebrate every Friday! :) 

Hope you're all doing just fine and that you'll have an amazing weekend! And don't forget to smile  - that's super duper important in life. ;) 

Love you all, 

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sreda, 29. avgust 2012

80 months

80 moths together ...

Well this is not a joke anymore, ha? (like there ever was)

Time really does fly ... that's all I'm going to say at this point. 

(photo from my Instagram, follow me if you want to know other personal stuff about me :) username: manuela_s)

And if anyone does not know how many years that is ... do your math. :) Or wait for few more days when I'm going to show you some awesome pictures (how we spend this important :) anniversary) and I might even do the math for you then. ;)

Take care and don't forget to tell people (and your PETS) around you how much you LOVE them.


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A Peach and Pink Owl First Birthday Party

Welcome to Peach and Pink Owl Party!

This is one beautiful theme that can be use no matter how old you are - it's always appropriate. 

And if you're interested in seeing my previous theme party posts, go -HERE-

Wishing you all one wonderful and magical day,
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ponedeljek, 27. avgust 2012

Calendar {September} - Free Download


here are two lovely little calendars for the month of September. 

Feel free to download it, print it and use it anyway you like. 

Your download image will be Watermark Free

Click on the image to download it.

Want to check out more FREE Downloads? Click on the "FREE DOWNLOADS" button (above).

Have a fabulous day, 

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nedelja, 26. avgust 2012

Back to School with Style

Hello lovely people, 

here in my country school starts at September 3rd (for Elementary schools and High schools, for students classes start later). So that's just around the corner, right? So we better prepare for that day and go back to school with style. 

I put together this simple outfit that looks super nice and it's also comfortable enough for sitting in a class all day long. I'm pretty sure you can find similar pieces for much less money, so let this adventure start! Go shopping my dear friends. :)

2. White Blouse $159
7. Tess Loafers $60

Total: $1098 = 874€

TOMORROW don't miss new printable Calendar for the mont of September! Right here on my blog. :)

Wishing you all an amazing day, 

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sobota, 25. avgust 2012

petek, 24. avgust 2012

Friday - time to be HAPPY!

Hi there,

so since it's Friday we should smile, right? If you have no reason to do that, I might help you with that. :)

You know how expectations can be different than reality? Well that's exactly what happened here ...

Have an awesome day, 

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četrtek, 23. avgust 2012

Aldo Summer Ootd

Hi there, 

I shared this pictures with my IG friends quite some time ago and now they finally came here - to my blog.  

Both pictures were taken before shopping. One of my favorite thing to do. ;)

Holster Jelly sandals (my absolute favorite this summer), H&M shorts, H&M hot pink top, Aldo bag, Lipsy watch and H&M bracelet

Black Glitter Toms, Esprit jeans, Zara top, Aldo bag 

Hope you are as beautiful as always (inside and out). :) 


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torek, 21. avgust 2012

Ooo Hunter ... you stole my heart

I'm currently obsessed with Hunter Wellies. I thought I prefer them in red ... and they I change my mind. Like 100 times! Or maybe 101! But who's counting? The point it - I want them in every single colour! I'm crazy ... I know that ... but still ... Want them ... need them ... MUST have them. 

1. REGENT SAVOY £125.00
4. ORIGINAL GLOSS - red £85.00
6. ORIGINAL GLOSS - pink £85.00

And if you want to check out my post about Joules Wellies just go HERE.

Have a lovely day, 

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petek, 17. avgust 2012

Coffee? No, thank you.

I don't drink coffee. Never ever. Homemade coffee, that is. I only drink it when I had to study all night. And usually when the morning came, I felt so sick I could hardly stand up (lack of sleep - NO sleep, and too much coffee!). 

But I love Cofee to Go! ;) It tastest so good and smells even better! I would so went out and buy it now, but everything around me is closed at this late hour! :S 

So here are some coffee pictures (from Instagram). ENJOY! :)

On the road ... (7/23/2012)

4 hours of sleeping ... I needed this as the air I breath! And it felt so good!!(8/8/2012)

Late night driving home from shopping in capital. ;) I needed this to stay awake and to intertain M. during our ride home. ;) (8/11/2012)

Be nice and don't forget to SMILE! ;)


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sreda, 15. avgust 2012

Pomembno obvestilo

Vsi, ki me spremljate na Facebook-u ste to obvestilo verjetno že prebrali. Nekateri pa ste ga verjetno tudi zamudili, zato vas sedaj obvestim še enkrat. ;) 

Posebnost akcije je ta: 
- urice so predstavljene na Facebook-u preden jih sploh objavim v svoji Etsy trgovinici. Torej imate sedaj možnost izbire, kajti kar ostane gre v Etsy trgovinico. 
- to pa vam prinaša tudi odlično darilo: vsi, ki se odločite za naročilo urice prejmete zraven UHANČKE - barvo si izbere vsak sam in niso vnaprej določene! Na vsako naročeno urico - eni uhančki, kar pomeni, da če se ena oseba odloči za nakup dveh uric, prejme tudi DVOJE UHANČKE

Seveda gre za dejanske urice in NE samo slikico številčnice. 

V ceno je vključena tudi verižica. Če si želiš kakšno posebno velikost verige ali kakšne druge dodatke (bunkice) na sami verižici, mi to sporoči. Vse spremembe so možne in ne terjajo NOBENIH dodatnih STROŠKOV. 

Za več informacij sem na voljo preko zasebnega sporočila na Facebook-u ali preko maila:

To so urice, ki so še na voljo - nekatere žal samo še po EN KOMAD, torej mi je ostala le še ENA urica! Če si jo želiš, pohiti da ti jo kdo ne "spelje" izpred nosa. ;)

Album z uricami najdeš -TUKAJ-

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torek, 14. avgust 2012

Some would call me lazy

Oo hello, 

didn't see me in a while, right? 

Well I was busy. I really was. Although some would call me lazy - I disagree! I really do. I work hard every day and it's not easy to be a dog. No, ma'm. So many tasks, so many different things to do. Oo I better not start talking about that. 

Well I'm not sure who put this photo in here, but it sure wasn't me! It can even be photoshoped! Because I never do that. I never rest. Never ever. 

It's all work for this lady! 

You see! This photo is proof of my hard work! Walk, walk, walk. And nothing I can do about it, because I'm on a LEESH! Am I an ANIMAL or what??? If I could chew it, I would already done it. But that stupid thing is way to strong. And I'm talking animal strong!

So do you now believe me how hard my life is? And you didn't even see the whole thing. 

Wait, I'm gonna' show you another picture, so you'll see for yourself. 

Wait for it ...

one more second ... 

Oh here it is!



And that damn delete button isn't working!

I assure you this one is photoshoped too! All the way photoshoped! I'm telling you the truth! 


I think I'll just go now ... take a moment off, since this whole thing is some kind of conspiracy! I'm telling you ... someone is messing with me ... 

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ponedeljek, 13. avgust 2012

Monday came again ...

Hello lovely people, 

did you notice it's Monday? Again? I'm sure you did. We all notice that - always. :) 

I just wanted to let you know few things, about love. Take your time, think about it and you'll see it's all true ... 

So take care of the one you love.


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petek, 10. avgust 2012

Flashback Friday

Hello pretty people,

how are you today? 

You know what's super duper amazing and FUN?? Flashback Fridays! Yes they are! 

I just went through my Instagram pictures (username: manuela_s) and I hope I didn't missed anyone but I only found three flashback friday pictures. I need to post more! I really do. 

But it is what it is so here we go with what we have ... 

Baby Luna! She was so small here! I think this photo was taken just few weeks after we bring her home. Sweet little cutie pie! (instagram 5/12/2012)

Her big eyes and her new pink harness. Pretty girl! Only 7 months old here. (instagram 6/29/2012)

And me. With bangs. And not super happy about M. taking that picture. ;) I think I was looking at him and wondering "What are you doing over there??" :) (instagram 7/6/2012)

Have an amazing day and spend it with the people you love the most! 


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četrtek, 09. avgust 2012

Before I go to sleep ...

Before I go to sleep I always check out Instagram. If you have it, you know how great it is and it can easily become sweet little addiction. Whenever you have nothing to do or you're waiting somewhere for something - you check your Instagram. And time flies! :) 

And sometimes I do this thing : take a picture of a clock (at that moment) + I add some quote that I really like (and would like to remeber for longer time, but I usually fail at that attempt). ;) 

So here are just some of them ...

From the oldest one ...

Yes it does! :) (4/22/2012)

Very wise lady! :) (5/14/2012)

So don't be afraif to fail from time to time ... (15/5/2012)

I like that one a lot! (6/14/2012)

Nice one! (6/15/2012)

Mother Teresa knew what she's talking about! (6/17/2012)

Yes! I do think so too. (18/6/2012)

Have a fabolous day, 

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sreda, 08. avgust 2012

CRAFT-alnica #62

Spet smo nazaj. :) Z novim izzivom, ki sem ga tokrat za vas izbrala jaz! 

Določila sem fotografijo, ki vam mora služiti kot barvna inspiracija (ni nujno, da uporabite morske motive - zaradi plaže, ki jo slika prikazuje). Morate pa uporabiti VSAJ DVE barvi iz barvne palete, ki vam jo ponujamo. Seveda lahko uporabite tudi vse, a ni nujno. ;) 

Sama sem se odločila za prvi dve barvi. Super kombinacija, ki mi je takoj padla v oči. In nastali so ti uhančki: 

Cik cak črtasti uhančki. 
Uhančki bodo v kratkem na poličkah moje Etsy trgovinice. 

Opažam pa da na tej fotografiji modra veliko bolj potegne na modro kot pa na zeleno-modro tako kot v resnici. :S 

Sodelujte torej na našem tokratnem izzivu, pokukajte pa tudi k Simoni in Janji ter preverite kaj so lepega ustvarile. ;)

Imejte se lepo,
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nedelja, 05. avgust 2012

Romantic Bridal Shower

Beautiful romantic Bridal Shower is something I want to show you today. It looks amazing and everything is so chic! Stunning indeed. 

Hope you love it! I know I did. :) 
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