petek, 30. marec 2012

Glitter is for life, not just for Christmas

I love Glitters! And it was only a matter of time when will I incorporate them into my Jewelry. And today I am giving you, pretty ladies (and handsome gentlemen's), a little sneak peak on what I've been up to lately. P.s.: if you follow mw on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you already saw a picture of my brand new Glitter collection, if not you'll be able to see it now. :)

All these Earrings will be added to my Etsy shop during next few days - so keep an eye on them if you want a pair of my glitterish earrings in your jewelry collection. ;) 

P.s.: I have some absolutely stunning Neon colors available, so if you're super trendy girl you know all about how fashion forward neon is these days! :)

Have a lovely weekend, 

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sreda, 28. marec 2012

Whiff of Joy - #126 {Spring is in the Air}

I love spring! I love it more than any other season. And when I realized our (Whiff of Joy) challenge will be all about spring I was so super happy about it that I wanted to do so many things, but instead I go in completely different direction. I choose to make something simple and I really like it, since it's so plain that I just love looking at it. ;) 

I colored this beautiful Nora with Prismacolor pencils and made some paper-piecing on umbrella. I totally like finished look on this Moleskin diary. 

+ GREAT NEWS for all my readers: I will be soon hosting a GIVEAWAY here on my blog and this Moleskin diary will be part of it. So you will have a chance to win it! 

Be sure to join us at WHIFF OF JOY challenge and check out all those amazing inspiring *SPRING* design team cards.

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sobota, 24. marec 2012

Ray of Sunshine

I LOVE making treasuries so so much! Love searching through Etsy and finding new fun and interesting things! And here are few of my latest treasuries. 

Just click on the TITLE to see whole Treasury. 

And if you want to check out my previous “Etsy Treasuries post” go ::HERE:: and check them out. ;)

Have a beautiful day and don't forget to smile. 


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petek, 23. marec 2012

E.L.F. #2

Hi there! 

I receive a package from E.l.f. looong time a go, but never have the chance to show it to you. So here we go. :) We (my sister & I) made this order mainly because of this great eyeshadow palette (100 colors) so we didn't want to spend much money on other things, since we don't need anything new at the moment (yes, I know how weird this sound, I'm surprised by myself-control too ;) ). 

If you're interested in seeing my first E.l.f purchase go :-:HERE:-: and check it out.

So we got these lovely things: 

 e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

 e.l.f. Studio Blush - Twinkle pink

♥ Make up mist and set

♥ French manicure set - pink

♥ Nail polish - Mint cream 

♥ Nail polish - Mango madness

♥ Nail polish - Golden goddess

As soon as I try these beautiful nail polishes I will show them to you, because I know for sure you are as curious as I was when I first saw them. :) 

Stay beautiful and keep smiling! :) 


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četrtek, 22. marec 2012

Wordless Wednesday {Just me, #15}

Pictures were taken during our trip to Zagreb (Zagreb is capitol of Croatia, I'm sure you all heard for this country since it's pretty famous for it's seaside and people from whole Europe spend their vacation in Croatia).

On me: Bershka Jacket, H&M dress, Zara belt, Zara bag, Ray Ban sunglasses & Tommy Hilfiger Boots

{I'm wearing Earrings from my Etsy shop - you can check them out :-:here:-: and ring which you can't see, but it was :-:this one:-:}

Linking up for Wordless Wednesday with The Paper MamaJenni from the BlogAnd Then, She Snapped, and Naptime Momtog.

Stay beautiful and smile - life is good! :) 

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torek, 20. marec 2012

Weird Fact about me {9}

* Junk food - I can't help myself. *

Oh well ... I really do my best but, junk food is so goooood that sometimes I just can't helped myself! McDonalds, Pizza, ... should I go any further?? No?? Ok, I won't - because just writing this down makes me so hungry.  

I don't eat that much at all - for example I never ever in my life ate whole McChicken, I usually eat only half of it and I'm full. But still - I love it and I'm not willing to give it up. No matter what! :) And Coca-cola is obviously something that goes so perfect with McDonalds food, don't you think so? ;)

So I didn't write this down so that I will make myself stop eating unhealthy - no, I just did it because I would like YOU to know that you're not alone. And if you ever need a company for some junk food eating - I'm HERE! Give me a call and I will help you out! :)) 

♥     ♥   ♥     ♥  

* Hitra hrana - ne morem (ne želim) si pomagati. *

Tako zelo se trudim, da je ne bi jedla (hitre hrane namreč), ampak roko na srce (skoraj) vedno podležem in se predam užitkom. :) 

Naj pojasnim eno malo malenkost - nikoli ne pojem veliko. V življenju še nisem pojedla cel McChicken recimo (ustavim se nekje pri polovici, ostalo ne zmorem več). Tudi polovico velike pice ne zmorem pojesti. To je pomemben podatek, ker poznam veliko deklet, ki brez težav pomalcajo veliko pico same! Jaz kot rečeno še polovice ne pojem - nikoli! 

Tako da ne pojem veliko, jem pa pogosto te stvari, ker so mi dobre. :) In teh besed ne pišem zato, ker se želim poboljšati (enostavno nisem tako zelo optimistična, da bi verjela da je to sploh možno), ampak pač samo povem. ;) Če bo kdo kdaj potreboval družbo za v McDonalds ali pa za na kakšno pico ... poznate moj mail, nekateri tudi mojo telefonsko številko, pa mi javite. Grem zraven! :) 

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nedelja, 18. marec 2012

Have a mice day - FREE DOWNLOAD

Hello my dear friends!

Remember this card?? -more details here-

And I did told you I will provide you that cute little sentiment "Have a mice day" here on my blog, right? So here we go! :) 

I created 6 different sentiments and you are more than welcome to download it whenever you want. I would really appreciate it if you could just link it back to this blog when you use a sentiment so that other people can get it too + let me know that you've used it because I would LOVE to see your beautiful creation with those sentiments. So this is it. Go download it and enjoy working with it! :)) 

And if you want to see other things available for free download just go ::HERE:: and check them out! I have a lot of great things just for you! :)

When you download your sentiments, it will be watermark free. 

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petek, 16. marec 2012

It's FRIDAY y'all! Let's dance together!

Hello pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen's! :) 

It's super sunny FRIDAY and I just thought we should all celebrate it with a little bit of dancing. :) 

Lucenzo & Don Omar - Danza Kuduro (Out now)

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Hit the lights

Timbaland - If we ever meet again feat. Katy Perry

Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

David Guetta - Without You ft. Usher

If you didn't dance SHAME ON YOU!! :)) 

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I love making new treasuries and here are few of them - go spread some Etsy love! :))

»»» Shut up and drive »»»

»»»  Tomorrow Never Knows »»»
»»» Disturbia »»»

»»» Blueberry Kisses »»»

»»» Heartbreak Hotel »»»

»»» Just go with it »»»

»»» Fairytale of mine »»»

And if you want to check out my previous “Etsy Treasuries post” go ::HERE:: and check them out. ;)

Wishing you all the best,
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sreda, 14. marec 2012

Whiff of Joy - #125 {Sketch}

Hello my dear friends! How are you today? It's Whiff of Joy time again! This fortnight you need to follow beautiful sketch that out lovely Karina made. You can find it at the bottom of this post. 

And here is my card: 

I simply adore this cute little Henry the Mouse. Isn't he such a cutie? I think so! 

If you like this stamp you can buy it at Whiff of Joy. Just look for stamp called Enjoying spring. And you will find this image. 

As usual I used my Prismacolor pencils to color my image. And  can you see that sentiment (on the bottom right)?? I made it and I will put it on my blog this weekend for you to DOWNLOAD IT for free!! Those are some pretty exciting news, right? I will provide you with few different colors so that you can match it with a lot of project if you wish.  So stay close and don't miss it! I have quite a few things to Download for FREE here on my blog. Just look above for the words saying "FREE DOWNLOADS." You will find other sentiments and digital paper packs and some other things too. So go check it out!!! :))

So be sure to join us at WHIFF OF JOY challenge and check out all those amazing inspiring design team cards.

           ♥      ♥      ♥

Whiff of Joy izziv je zopet tu!! :)

Tokrat imamo za vas postavitev, ki se je morate držati, če želite sodelovati na izzivu. 

Glavni motiv (mišek Henry) sem kot vedno pobarvala s svojimi Prismacolor barvicami. In če vam je slučajno v oko padel napis "Have a mice day" in si ga tudi vi želite, potem imate res veliko srečo! :) Kajti napis sem izdelala sama in bo na voljo tudi vsem vam (v različnih barvah) že ta vikend!! Tako je - že ta vikend bom objavila povezavo do mesta kjer si boste lahko napise shranili na svoj računalnik in jih uporabili kadarkoli boste želeli. 

Do takrat pa si oglejte stvari, ki so vam že na voljo za shranjevanje (digitalni kompleti papirjev, napisi, itd.). Vse to najdete s klikom na gumbek "FREE DOWNLOADS" (gumbek je čisto na vrhu te strani).

Tako torej - sodelujte na 125. izzivu Whiff of Joy, ker se imamo prav luštno tam. ;) 


Sketch you need to follow:
Postavitev, ki jo morate upoštevati: 

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torek, 13. marec 2012

I miss him & I think about him a lot

No, I'm not talking about a boy. I'm talking about a dog. His name was Charli and he became a member of our family long time ago. I was just a little girl, when that little creature came into my life. 

About ten years later he got sick. Very sick. He had a surgery, but it only helped him for a short while. Than the disease was back. This time even stronger and that poor brave man cooped with it for as long as he could. Until one day he couldn't even walk any more. Vet told us she can't do much and that we would just make him suffer even more. 

So he went with other dogie angels. And when I look at Luna sometimes I can't help myself thinking about him. Would they be friends? Would he accept her? Oh man, they are such an opposites in some parts, but they are / were the best friend a person can have in his life. 


And I do miss him. His funny looking black eye and his free spirit. He was something else. 

I just wish they could live together, since they could teach each-other so so much. I truly believe in that. But I guess if Charli ever met Luna, he would become too much of a princess. ;) And he never pulled so many puppy-eyes-looks on us (in all those ten years) compared to her living with us for only two years. 


They are different, but still ... the best dogs you have ever met! 

Does anyone have a tissue?? :'(  :)


Pogrešam ga & veliko mislim nanj

Če je kdo pomislil na kakšnega fanta - NOUP. Teh ne pogrešam, ni potrebe po pogrešanju. ;) Pogrešam pa Charlija. Našega psa, ki ga že nekaj let ni več z nami. Bila sem precej majhna še, ko je prišel v našo družino in postal pomemben del nje. 

Kakšnih 10 let kasneje pa se je začelo. Bolezen, ki ga je doletela ga je počasi a zagotovo uničevala. Prvo operacijo je uspešno prestal, vendar se je zahrbtna bolezen vrnila in žal ni bilo več smisla ponovno operirati, ker bi mu samo daljšali trpljenje in bolečine. 

In je odšel. Sama še vedno rada verjamem v pasja nebesa. Tako je lažje, kot pa misliti na  to, da ga ni nikjer več. Še je tam - lovi druge pse in se igra ... v pasjih nebesih. 

Včasih pogledam Luno in pomislim kako bi se razumela, če bi bil Charli še z nami. Bi bila prijatelja? Bi jo Charli sprejel? Kljub temu, da sta popolni nasprotji sta vsak na svoj način najboljša pasja prijatelja, ki jih lahko človek ima v življenju. 
Drug od drugega bi se zagotovo ogromno naučila. Ona bi njega naučila kako biti mala razvajena princesa, ona pa njo vseh svojih trikov, ki jih je poznal. 

Tako različna, pa kljub vsemu ... najboljša psa kar jih je svet videl. In ne - nisem nagnjena k pretiravanjem. ;) 

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