ponedeljek, 23. januar 2012


It's Monday today, which means it was Sunday yesterday, which again means it's time for SUNDAY WISH-LIST. :)) 


Uffff!! I won't admit, but I might be a shopping addict ... hmmm.

2. This living room!

Beautiful living room in even more beautiful teal color. Soooo on my wish-list. 

3. Sparkle, sparkle. 

I want everything thats on her hand!!! Pretty pretty please.

4. Ireland 

So want to go there! I'll let you know if when I go. ;)

5. Kate Spade beautiful glitter ballet shoes

Ohhh I love them!!! Don't you just adore that beautiful bow and everything about them?? :)

So this is it for this week. I have so many great things on my wish-list, but I will show them next Sunday. ;) Be here, so you don't miss it. 

And make sure to play this beautiful game with us! Go to SS Fashion World and be part of it! :)


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