petek, 30. september 2011

This week No. 2 {Review}

Last weeks “This week No. 2” was pretty fun, right? :) Well it’s time to check out what we did and what we didn’t do. ;)

So you were suppose to:

1. Make some delicious Cocktail and drink it (alone or in a good company)!

Yes, sir! I did that! :) And it was so yummy that I just can’t describe it to you – you should try it, to know it. :)

2. Do your nails in a color that it’s not very usual for you, in a color that you would normally never wear on your nails! Be brave! ;)

Oh yes – I did that one too! I usually don’t do glitter nail polishes, but this week I did an exception and I must say I liked it! So happy that I tried it and I will definitely use it in a future too. And I am so sorry that I didn’t take any photo … if it helps I can describe it to you … well I used some pretty great brown for the base and put some silver glitters on it. I should totally do it again and take pictures, right?? ;)

3. It’s never to late to do some Spring cleaning ! Turn your wardrobe upside down and make some room for new Fall/Winter collection!

No. I didn’t do that. :( So sorry, I hope you did! :D But I was just to busy this week and I wasn’t able to do anything much in my room.

4. I am pretty sure that there is someone in your life that deserves to hear this three words – “I love You!” So do it! Tell it! Out loud of course! :)

Of course I did that one! :) You thought I wouldn’t do it, ha? Bit I did and so should you – even if it’s just to your dog (cat, parrot or a mouse) – an animal can understand to, I seriously believe that! :)

Next “This week” post will be on at Sunday morning, so do not miss it!! ;)

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četrtek, 29. september 2011

Halloween and Wake me up / Noč čarovnic in Zbudi me

Here are my Etsy Treasuries No. 6 and No. 7! First one is about Halloween and second one is about Autumn (=Fall). Enjoy! :)

Tukaj sta še dve zakladnici, ki ju na blogu še nisem pokazala. Prva je namenjena bližajoči Noči čarovnic, druga pa jeseni. Uživajte! ;)

Halloween or not to Halloween ?


Wake Me Up When September Ends

Wake me up

Have a nice day,


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sreda, 28. september 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday {Walk with me}

We {Luna & I} just thought we should show you some lovely pictures of our walk this morning. Although it’s officially fall, we still have pretty warm (and summerish) weather here in our part of Europe. And we just love it so much, since it’s not so nice to take a walk while you are cold and freezing to death. But … I know this time of year (late fall & winter) will come to, so that’s something that I’m not looking forward to – mainly because we wouldn’t be able to take such pleasant walks anymore. :(

Vreme v začetku te jeseni mi je izredno všeč. Sprehodi so prijetni, ni prevroče in ni premrzlo. Kaj češ boljšega?? ;) In danes zjutraj, ko sva se z Luno sprehajali po najini ustaljeni poti so nastale te fotografije. Ko jih človek gleda ni ravno najbolj siguren ali je v našo deželo prišla pomlad ali jesen … ja, takole pač je. ;)




4 5

Linking up for Wordless Wednesday with:  The Paper Mama And Then, She Snapped, Project Alicia, Live and Love … out Loud,  Baby Baby Lemon,  Angry Julie Monday, Thislife,  Woven by Words .

Hope you are having a great day,


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torek, 27. september 2011

I'm fine ... am I?

Yes - that's me. I could be really hurt and crying my eyes out, but I will always say "I'm fine." How stupid is that?? Really stupid if you ask me, but I still do it ... and would be probably just fooling myself if I promise to you that I won't do this anymore. 

I guess this is just my way of dealing with bad things. And if you try to get to the bottom of this, try to find out what went wrong - I will eventually told you. But not immediately. Oh no! That just never happens and I think never ever will. I realize how frustrating this could be and maybe you could get a felling that I'm just messing with your head - but when I am in this "I'm fine" and "Nothings wrong" place, my head is pretty messed up too. Hope this comforts you just a little bit. ;) 

And don't you just hate that moment when you realize that what you've (finally) told sounded like such a big deal in your head and now that you are saying it out loud ... it just sounds like some dumb, unimportant thing?? Ohh, how much I hate that! You are holding a resentment about something, and then all of a sudden you realize "What was that?!" Yes I do admit - I can be pretty complicated person, but let's just say thats part of a charm. :))

But now that all of this is written down maybe things will change. Maybe you can teach "and old dog, new tricks." :) Who am I to oppose that? :)

I'm wishing you all the best and BE FINE until next time! :)) 

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nedelja, 25. september 2011

“This week” No. 2

It’s time for second list of the things you should do this week! :)))


1. Make some delicious Cocktail and drink it (alone or in a good company)!

2. Do your nails in a color that it’s not very usual for you, in a color that you would normally never wear on your nails! Be brave! ;)

3. It’s never to late to do some Spring cleaning ! Turn your wardrobe upside down and make some room for new Fall/Winter collection!

4. I am pretty sure that there is someone in your life that deserves to hear this three words – “I love You!” So do it! Tell it! Out loud of course! :)


In case you missed my last weeks list – Check it out here:

Image Credits:

Have a great day,
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sobota, 24. september 2011

Show some Etsy Love III.

This time my inspirational item was this necklace:

But more specifically – the Keyword was … APPLE! :) 



I just love all this colors and amazing items – do you like it to??

And if you would like to check out my previous “Show some Etsy Love” posts, go here:

Have a nice day,
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petek, 23. september 2011

This week No. 1 {Review}


Do you remember last weeks post “This week No.1?” Well if you don’t, go and check it out –here. But today we should check together what did we DO and what we DIDN’T DO. :) Are you ready??

So you were suppose to:

1. Eat some delicious Cupcakes! :)
Did that and they were really yummy! :)))

2. Take a really long walk to clear your mind!
I take a lot of walks per week, since my doggie likes to walk a lot. But my longest one this week was around 2 km (around 1,2 miles). So is this long enough to clear your mind? Well it would be in normal conditions – but with Luna you need to be 100% there, with her, since she is very curious dog and she finds absolutely every trash there is! So I did a walk – but did I clear my mind? Well, you can’t have it all, can you? :)

3. Watch some Pretty Little Liars episode! But be careful – you might get so nervous that you will have to repeat No. 2 again. ;)
Ohh I did this one and I really enjoyed it so so much! ;)

4. Treat your self with a warm bubble bath.
Sadly I didn’t do this last one … but I will try to do it this week! ;)

So be sure to check my blog on Sunday too, since I had prepared new list of things you should do in the upcoming week. And I promise you will have a lot of fun doing it to! ;)
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četrtek, 22. september 2011

Wordless Wednesday {Friends Stuff}

Wordless wednesday
Hi there! I was checking other peoples “Wordless Wednesday” post for so long now and last week I decided to start this great wordless thing on this blog too. But since I don’t have any child wondering around my house (yet) :), just one silly little Pug named Luna, I will be pretty much showing her pictures from time to time, I guess. :) But I will do my best to show you other fun pictures too – so stay tuned and enjoy your staying on my blog. ;)


Linking up for Wordless Wednesday with: ♥  The Paper Mama,  ♥ And Then, She Snapped, ♥ Supermom, ♥ Project Alicia, ♥ Live and Love … out Loud .
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sreda, 21. september 2011

Lemons and Love / Limone in Ljubezen

I just realized that there are some pretty great Etsy Treasuries that I’ve made, and forgot to show it to you! Oh well, here they are and be sure to check them well since I picked up gorgeous items and combined them together. :) ENJOY!

Že preed dnevi sem se spomnila, da je še kar nekaj mojih Etsy zakladnic ostalo neobjavljenih (tukaj na blogu), vsi Facebook spremljevalci pa ste jih že lahko videli. In zato današnjo objavo posvečam moji Zakladnici št. 4 in št. 5. Uživajte! ;)

Treasury lists No. 4 and No. 5:

When Life..
Is this ...


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ponedeljek, 19. september 2011

You must love one person - YOU!

It's OK to love more than one person in your life, but there is ONE in particular that you MUST LOVE, RESPECT, APPRECIATE and TRUST the most! YOU, silly! :) 

Did you ever take a moment and asked yourself - "Do I really LOVE myself? Do I RESPECT the person I see in the mirror every time I look? Do I APPRECIATE my soul, my body, my mind?" 

Those are some pretty hard, complexed and BIG questions! But we need to face this problem, because it is more important that it may seems at first. 

You just can not expect from someone to love you with all his/her heart, if you are not IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF first! I am not telling you to be egoistic, selfish and mean to others - NO! I am telling you to take a moment each day, look at the mirror, embrace the person you see and tell yourself: I LOVE YOU BECAUSE ...  Can you do it? Will you do it with me?? Should we start this self-improvement exercise together?? OK, I will do it to. :) And if you tell me - why you love yourself today, I promise you I will post about my reasons why I love Manuela today. ;) 

So you know what to do and I will join you if you will play with me. For one week. That should be easy right? 

And do I love Manuela? Do I love person I see in the mirror every day? Do I love that girl that sleeps in my bed every night? YES I DO!! And I am so happy to say this out loud! I don't think I am egoistic because of that, not at all. How will I be able to love my boyfriend, my sister, my parents, my friends and others if I wouldn't love this girl I know my whole life? I would not be able! I couldn't respect them, appreciate them and LOVE them. That's it - so don't be afraid and embrace YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL, BODY and MIND! 

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sobota, 17. september 2011



Hi there!

I just made another FREE DOWNLOAD for you to use whenever you like it and wherever you like it! Just download it and it’s your to use it! ;)

This time I am giving you TWO “Thank you for being you” sentiments! ENJOY! :)




Hello hello! :)

Za vas imam pripravljeni dve brezplačni zadevici, ki se jima reče “Thank you for being you” sentiment. Uporaba le-tega je zelo podobna kot pri ostalih mojih FREE DOWNLOAD stvareh, ki jih najdete –tukaj-.

Če bo katera imela željo po takšnem napisu v slovenščini mi naj pusti komentar in z veseljem bom ugodila njeni želji. ;)

Have a nice day,


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torek, 13. september 2011

“This week” No. 1

Week 1

1. Eat some delicious Cupcakes! :)

2. Take a really long walk to clear your mind!

3. Watch some Pretty Little Liars episode! But be careful – you might get so nervous that you will have to repeat No. 2 again. ;)

4. Treat your self with a warm bubble bathtub.

1. Pojej kakšno sladko palačinko!
2. Pojdi na zelooo dolg sprehod, da si malce sprostiš vse napete misli, ki se ti pletejo po glavi.
3. Poglej kakšno napeto epizodo Pretty Little Liars!
4. Privošči si dolgo in sproščujočo toplo kopel – z mehurčki seveda! ;)


Image Credits
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ponedeljek, 12. september 2011

PASTEL LOVE–Digital Papers FREE Download

Here they are – My sweet Pastel Love Digital papers! Fell free to download it and use it as many times you like! Enjoy! :)




Pa so končno tukaj- Digitalni Papirji Pastel Love! Shranite jih na svoj računalnik in jih uporabite kolikokrat sami želite! In če se vam bo ljubilo mi lahko pustite komentar v katerem boste z menoj (in ostalimi bralci) delili povezavo do izdelka, ki je nastal ob uporabi tehle papirjev. ;) Z največjim veseljem si bom ogledala vaš izdelek! Seveda pa bi bilo fino, če bi z vsemi, ki berejo vaš blog (ali karkoli drugega, kjer pač objavljate) delili povezavo do mojega bloga in jih tako usmerili k brezplačnem izdelku, ki si ga lahko shrani vsak izmed vas. Pa prijetno uporabo pastelnih lepotcev vam želim! ;)))



Click on this image to make letters bigger! :)

Have a nice day,


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četrtek, 08. september 2011

Ready, Steady, … ! / Pripravljeni, pozor, …!

No – GO is not the option just now. :) You will have to wait for it just a few moments (hours, days, …) more. And what the heck is this woman talking about?? I am talking about my new digital scrapbook papers that will be given to you for FREE!!! How great is that, ha?? Amazing! Here is just a little sneak peek, but you will have to wait for a real thing. :) But I promise you - it will be worth waiting! ;)

Pastel Love

Pripravljeni, pozor, ne ne ne – ne še ZDAJ! Še čisto miceno bo treba počakati na eno odlično zadevico, ki bo na voljo vsem vam – mojim dragim bralcem tega neprecenljivega kotička! ;) In o čem neki govorim?? Govorim o kompletu digitalnih papirjev, ki si jih bo lahko vsaka izmed vas shranila na svoj računalnik in nato uporabljala po mili volji. In kar je najboljše od vsega – komplet bo popolnoma BREZPLAČEN! Tako je – samo shraniš ga, plačaš ga ne inga fino uporabljaš. Ma kaj češ boljšega?!? :)))) Torej v prihodnjih dveh lahko pričakujete objavo z povezavo kjer dobite te papirčke + morda bom z vami delila še eno izrednoooo zanimivo novičko… hmm … o tem bom še razmislila malo. ;)))) Morda pa jo bom pred tem delila na Facebook strani Manuelina ustvarjanja … kdo ve … zato mimogrede vsake toliko pokukajte tudi tam, škodit itak ne more. ;)

Da vam ne bo preveč dolgčas pa si lahko shraniš in tudi sprintaš (oboje seveda po želji) Tedenske planerje objav za blog. Super zadevščina, sicer v angleščini, ampak mislim, da je vseeno razumljivo vsem. ;)

V roza barvi:

V zeleni barvi:

Have a nice day, see you soon!


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