sobota, 29. september 2012

This and That [according to Instagram]

After a good workout these are my friends + water of course | Luna started writing her diary | Me on my way to the dentist | Neon pink bracelet - a little DIY by me

Rainy day and shopping time | M. sends me all kind of disturbing pictures ;) | Me | Breakfast time

Call me maybe necklace | Me | Work, work, work!! All these and so much more made in three days. | My fav ring at this moment

Want to find me on Instagram? This is me: manuela_s

Have a splendid day, 

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petek, 28. september 2012

Striped Walls

Stripes and Polka dots! My all time favurite! So if I ever get a chance to put some stripes on a wall I will be over the moon. Here are some pretty awesome inspirational walls!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Have an amazing day, 
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torek, 25. september 2012

Safety and cuteness

When it comes to my phone and computer I want them to be safe at any time while I'm carrying them with me. I don't know what would I do if something happens to my dear friends. :) 

Quite some time ago I bought this nice laptop bag, that I just love. It's so beautiful and perfect for my MacBook. It's from Bershka

I have it in black, but this blue one is gorgeous too. 

Price: 14.99€ / $19.20

M. bought me this amazing mint heart print phone case. It's sort of hard to stuck a phone in it (phone with a case, if you don't have any case on your phone, then you don't have to worry), but I still like it a lot.

He said I need something for my phone when I'm out with Luna. Something to keep it safe and sound. :) And so I choose the mind one. They also come in pink and black.

This one's from Bershka too.

 Price: 9.99€ / $12.80

And this is a case that I'm currently using on my iPhone. It's amazing! But I guess I need to buy a new one, because I'm kind a over this one already. I want something with Polka dots now. :)) 

Have an awesome day,

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ponedeljek, 24. september 2012

I have a suprise for you!

Well I'm pretty sure you do.

But I can't tell you just yet. 

I'll just give you few hints - I love making Jewelry and soon you can expect a lot of new items coming out of my studio

I would love to share more with you, but you'll have to wait and see what I've prepared for you. New items, new materials and new style. I can't wait! And I'm pretty sure you're going to love it. 

And if any one of you is asking "What about your current Jewelry collection?" No need to worry, I will still make it and enjoy every single moment of it. :) Actually there are some new designs coming up soon (+ new items are listed in my Etsy shop every single week!), so you could say I'm hyperactive when it comes to my business. 

Have a fabulous day and don't forget to checkout this page regularly, since this is the only way to keep up with me. Well you can search through my Facebook page or Instagram (manuela_s), too. Just to be sure that you don't miss anything, since I pretty much post everything there too. But here I write in long sentences and give you more informations. So if you want to be up to speed, you should check everything out. ;)

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nedelja, 23. september 2012

iPhone love

I was recently checking out Etsy for new iPhone cases and I saw so many beautiful cases, that I need to share them with you. I did not order it (yet), but I'm on a deep search for a new case so this might help me choose the right one. 

These are all from Etsy!
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Have a nice day,

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petek, 21. september 2012

This and that [according to instagram]

Yes to carrots - love it | Me and M. | Work, work, work - and the result: new necklaces | Luna and lazy Sunday morning

Flashback! Found this bracelet that my friend made for me like 10 years back | Luna and her little monkey | Shopping time | Adorable little Crocs! I'm obsessed with everything so small. :)

McDonalds Date | My fav ice-cream - Planica | Blueberries - nomnomnom | Well hello cocktail time! :)

You can follow me on Instagram: manuela_s

Have a nice day, 
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četrtek, 20. september 2012

Bag of the moment

This is my favorite bag at the moment. It's from Stradivarius, I bought it about a month ago. So go check it out if it's still available (I think it should be).

Price: 45.95€ / $58.80 / £36.70

It's not big, but because of the shape you can put a lot of things in it. And I do carry a loooot of things in my bags. No matter how small they are, I somehow manage to squeeze so many things in there.

And one of my outfits with this bag: 

Have an amazing day,

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sreda, 19. september 2012

Bienvenido a Miami

Perfect bright Yellow nail polish is hard to find (I think harder to find than this is just one color - white!). But this yellow is very close to perfection. 

Essence Limited Edition Miami Roller Girl: Bienvenido a Miami (two coats)
 H&M: Into the Wild (two coats)

Have a gorgeous day, 

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torek, 18. september 2012

Pink for Summer Ootd

Same dress, different accessories ... 

I have so many sunglasses at home, but it looks like I took photos only with this one. Well it is true that I wear them the most this summer, so I guess it's kind of obvious that they are on all my ootd posts. ;)

Dress: H&M | Shoes: H&M | Sunglasses: River Island | Necklace: H&M | Watch: Michael Kors

Have a fabulous day,

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ponedeljek, 17. september 2012


Hi there, 

Luna here. Did you miss me? I'm sure you did. 

Did you know I'm a super duper chic fashionista??? I am! 

Statement necklaces are my thing at this point. 

You don't believe it? Take a look at this ...

Do you get it now?? 

I should totally be a jewelry model! I'm so good at it! 

If you are hiring one pretty looking fashionable and young lady model - please do not hesitate to call me. I don't have a phone at the moment (I'm working on that), but you can call me on Manuela's phone - her number is: 040 *** *** (censored by Manuela)

Oh dam it! She totally censored me! 

Well you can send me a letter if you want. That should work. My address is: K********** **, **** ***** (censored by Manuela)

She did it again! 

I give up! 

I'll go and take a nap right now. 



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nedelja, 16. september 2012

Blue Summer Ootd

[shopping time]

This was the only picture without sunglasses that looked good enough to post it. Sun was just to strong to take photos without them. 

Dress: Stradivarius | Bag: Dorothy Perkins | Sandals: Miss Sixty| Sunglasses: River Island | Necklace: ManuelaS | Ring: H&M

More about this necklace -here

Have a splendid day,
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sobota, 15. september 2012

It's still summer Ootd

It is September alright, but I refuse to admit that summer 2012 is all gone! No way! It was to nice to let it go. 

And I just remembered I have few summer outfits to share with you. So shall we start before winter comes??? :) 

[This was lunch with my family.] 

Dress: H&M | Bag: Dorothy Perkins | Sandals: Miss Sixty | Ring: H&M | Glasses: River Island 

I absolutely love this hot pink dress! It's perfect summer dress and this gold zipper makes it even more special. If I remember correctly they also had it in black & white, and maybe just maybe I feel a little sorry for not buying that one too. 

Have a beautiful day, 
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petek, 14. september 2012


When you love your country, love the place you're living, the best thing that you can do is go OUT and enjoy it! Enjoy every single moment and be very grateful for every piece of it. 

All pictures a from my Instagram (username: manuela_s), so that's why they are a bit more crispier. 

View from my home ... amazing. 

On our way home (hiking afternoon) ...

Another hiking date. :)

Long long walk with Luna. This is one small church in the middle of the forest. Nice and very peaceful. By the way - can you find Luna?? :) Take a look at that small dot on the right side of the church. :) Yes, that's my little cutie pie. 

Hiking again ... so green, so beautiful. 

Amazing green forest. And fabulous blue sky!

Have a great day,

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četrtek, 13. september 2012

Three Summer Ootd

▲ Visiting our friends in their beautiful new home: 

H&M dress, Madison New York Watch, Asos purse, Zara Sandals

 Just running some errands. 

H&M top, Esprit Jeans, Holster Jelly Sandals, Lipsy watch, ManuelaS color block Earrings 

H&M top 

 Lunch date with my favorite two people - M. & my sister. 

H&M neon pink top, Zara light pink jeans, H&M belt, Holster Jelly Sandals, Stradivarius studded Bag (I love it!!!),  H&M pastel bracelets, Michael Kors Watch, Top Shop Necklace 

Have a splendid day,

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sreda, 12. september 2012

One very special birthday

I share this picture on Instagram (username: manuela_s) and Twitter (link on the left) few days (weeks) ago, but never post it here. So let's do it now, shall we? :)

It was grandmas 81st birthday (on August 24th). And few weeks before that she saw me making this cute little light blue earrings. She told me she wants a pair of that same earrings. And I totally thought she's just joking. But she was serious. And she even kept asking me every now and then, if she will receive it for her birthday or not. So that was the moment I realize this women is not messing with me. She really wants light blue earrings. 
And when her birthday came I gave her one of the best presents I ever gave to someone. She was so happy about her new earrings! I don't even remember seeing her so thriller about anything like this before. She didn't care about other gifts we gave her! She was just looking at her new earrings and smiling.
And when I thought it can't get any better: she kissed them! She kissed the earrings are hug me again + kiss me on the cheeks! Gosh - I was in shock! 
So this is another think that shows me that I should stay on my path - keep doing this and make people happy. Because at the end of the day that's all that matter ...
P.s.: Three weeks later she still wears them 24/7! She put them on on her birthday and today she's still wearing them. I guess she really really likes it, ha? ;) 
Have a fabulous day, 
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torek, 11. september 2012


It's me again - LUNA!

I bet you've missed me so so much!! And now I just made your day by showing up and talking to you again. Am I wright or am I wright?? 

So I just want to show you my favorite morning activity (well this is not just morning activity - I would do it whole day long if they would let me, but they don't so I had to be happy with what I got).

I jump al over the bed and what I love to do (and Manuela somehow hate it!) - I roll all over her pillow and I jump on it, and lick it, and do all sort of normal stuff. What?? You'll say you don't do that? Like never ever?
Oh pleaseee!! Stop it! I know you lick your pillow too. Until it's all wet and then it's much better then it was before (when was all dry).

So this is crazy little me. 

Am I gorgeous or am i gorgeous? 

Have fun and send me something to eat. I LOVE EATING, but they won't let me eat as much as I want to need to ... dam diet thing!



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nedelja, 09. september 2012

Tory Burch {Accessories wish list}

Hello there, 

how are you? Well if you're pretty fine right now, just wait and you'll see how GREAT you'll be after your're done reading this post. 

I made this very hard decision and choose 9  Tory Burch Fall 2012 accessories. And beleive me when I tell you - it was really HARD to choose just nine of them. Because I really want them all!! But if I had to pick just one thing ... that would probably be that stunning Tote in the middle! 

3. Hana Pump $350
4. Sunglasses $165
5. Zip Tote $575
7. Wrap Bracelet $125
8. Boots $525
9. Satchel $595 

Have a lovely day and keep smiling!


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sobota, 08. september 2012

Do you dare

I had this beautiful necklace in my mind for so long time and it finally came true - well I make it come true, otherwise it would still be just and idea. I wanted to create this chunky, big statement necklace and I made it! 

It looks so good if you ask me! And yes - it's impossible for me to be objective about it. ;) 

So at the moment two finished pieces are in neon pink (fabulous!) and sparkly blue colour (amazing!). But I have more colors on my desk so you'll be soon able to see what have I prepared for you. Can't wait to show them all to you!!! So exciting!! :)

Že precej časa sem imela v mislih prav določeno verižico. Kako mora zgledati, kakšne barve bo in vse to. Videla sem jo že, le narediti jo je še bilo treba. In končno se je zgodilo tudi tole!

Če mene vprašate (seveda je nemogoče, da bi bila povsem nepristranska in lažno skromna) mi je verižica NORO VŠEČ!! Točno to kar sem si zamislila sem tudi uspela narediti! To se ne zgodi vedno ... tisti, ki radi ustvarjate zagotovo veste, da marsikaj v glavi zgleda povsem drugače kot končan izdelek. 

V tem trenutku sta končani dve verižici - ena neonsko roza barve (fenomenalna barva!) in druga modra (tako lepa barva, da jo je užitek gledati!). Imam pa na mizi še nekaj novih barvnih kombinacij in komaj čakam, da vam še tiste pokažem. 

Pozor: Prednaročila za takšne verižice ŽE sprejemam. Vsi tisi, ki si ni želite čakati, da bodo končno objavljene v moji Etsy trgovinici, mi lahko pošljete mail (ali me poiščete na Facebook-u) in si jo zagotovite še pred vsemi ostalimi. Na voljo vam je katerakoli barva - kar si zamislite lahko naredim! Kako fajn, kajne? ;) 

This necklace style is not for everyone - you have to dare it to wear it! Because if you're going to wear it, be prepared to be notices wherever you go! This is statement piece of a Jewelry and women wearing it, will be special too. 

I do except PREORDERS on this necklaces, so if you would like to have one and don't feel like waiting for me to list it in to my Etsy shop, please feel free to let me know  (my email address can be found behind the "contact" button - top of this page). 

Have a lovely day, 

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petek, 07. september 2012

So let's talk about anniversary

So shall we do it? :) 

Remember this picture and this post

Se še spomnete te slikice? :) In te objave? Obljubila sem, da bom delila več informacij in danes bom to tudi storila. ;)

And I told you I will share with you some more informations about how I spend it. 

First of all let me tell you something - I'm may not be so "usual and predictable" about this whole anniversary thing. I wouldn't be too happy if M. took me in some fancy restaurant ... no way jose! + I'm not that into celebrating anniversaries any way. It was just nice to see that 80 month number and that's it. :) By the way - 80 months is 6 years and 8 months. :) 

So what I wanted to do? 
I wanted to go hiking. 

Yes - hiking. 

So we went. And it was beautiful! 

Najprej bi bilo fino, da omenim da sem zelo "nestandardna" kar se marsičesa tiče. In tudi pri obletnicah je tako. Če bi me M. povabil v fensi šmensi restavracijo bi se po moje začela smejat in mu rekla, da greva raje kaj bolj pametenega počet. ;) Jp ... tako pač je. Ni vse za vse, jaz pravim. In "ko voli, nek izvoli...," jaz pač ne. 

+ Vsem tem obletnicam niti ne dajem neke posebne pozornosti. Tale bi šla recimo skoraj čisto mimo mene, če ne bi bila po mesecih šteta takšna lepa okrogla številka. 
80 mesecev = 6 let in 8 mesecev 

Torej kaj je bil moj predlog za tale "poseben" dan??
Gremo v hribe. Hodit, na svež zrak, predebatirati vse kar ne uspeva skozi dan, preučiti nove poslovne in ustvarjalne podvige, itd. 

In sva šla. In bilo je super! Vreme fantastično, temperature ravno prave in velikooo padalcev v zraku! Kaj bi si človek še lahko želel?? 

And if I had to put all these 80 months in one word I would say: It went by so fast I don't even know when it happened! - Well that's more than one word, ha? But you get the point. 

Have a wonderful day, 

In če bi hoteli, da strnem teh 80 mesecev v nekaj besed, bi rekla le: "Pojma nimam kdaj so minili in kam so šli! A je res že toliko???"  

Bodite lepo in imejte se radi, 

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