sobota, 21. januar 2012

Love this and that

Hello there! Hope you are having a great Saturday and that you are enjoying it with your loved ones. :) Well lately I found some pretty awesome things and I thought I might share it with you, since we all love nice things, right? ;) 

White + glitters!!! L.O.V.E.

 + Craft (paper) organization! Stunning! 

Re-purposed Wine Rack - Great idea, ha? 

+ I'm in love with this amazing chair! Such a beautiful fabric!! Gorgeous! 

+ This looks so delicious!!! Hmmm I wish someone could bake me some pancakes today ... anyone? ;)

+ Cute thing to do when you are expecting. Isn't it?? 

+ Floating island? - yes please! ;) 

+ Beyond amazing treehouse!! Gorgeous! 

+ So sweet, simple and elegant at the same time. 

+ Be nice to each other and most of all - don't forget to SMILE! :)

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Love you, 

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  1. iii, kakšne luštne reči. Od nohtkov do zadnih zebr. Vse bi imela. :) Še posebej bi pasala kakšna palačinka. :)


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