četrtek, 05. januar 2012

Celebrity Facts {3}

I bet you didn't know: 

+ Celine Dion was known as 'Vampire Queen' in high school because of her sharp canine teeth. 

+ Friends star David Schwimmer attended Beverly Hills High School, which was the inspiration for the television series Beverly Hills 90210

+ Film star Robert de Niro was nicknamed 'Bobby Milk' while he was at school, because of his complexion. 

+ Halle Berry was elected 'Prom Queen' at high school, but nearly lost her crown after being accused of ballot-box stuffing. 

+ Speed star Sandra Bullock was voted 'Most Likely to Brighten up Your Day' while at school. 

+ Tony Blair was once mistaken for a burglar while at school. and arrested. 

+ Harrison Ford was bullied at school because he liked to hang around with girls. 

+ While at primary school, Nicole Kidman pretended that she was a witch for two years. She was so convincing that most of her classmates believed her. 

+ Megan Ryan was voted 'The Cutest Girl in Class' at school. 


+ Sylvester Stallone was voted 'Most Likely to end up in the Electric Chair' by his schoolmates. He was expelled from fourteen schools in eleven years. 

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