četrtek, 09. februar 2012

Wordless Wednesday {Thinking about ..., #12}

My thoughts at this exact moment: 

1. IT'S BEEN ... over a week (or TWOOO) since the last time I was in some nice shop (I don't count grocery shopping). So it's time so go there again! Let me go shopping!! :))) 

{our last shopping}

2. BUY THIS again - soon. :)


3. DO MORE! 

Sometimes I can be so highly effective, but sometimes ... well nothing gets done on time when those days came. :( So I really need to be 150% effective every single day if I want to reach my dreams. ;)


This herbal tea is so delicious that I need to get few more boxes {for stash, in case the ran out of it in stores:)}. 

I tried to be as wordless as I can, but I guess I didn't do so good, ha? ;) Well I never am, so you must already be used to it. ;) 


I have few new items in my Etsy shop, so check them out {check them out with the click on the image}:


Enjoy your day,

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