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My life ... [according to instagram] ›2‹

So it's time for another My life ... [according to instagram] post! I'm sure you've seen most of these pictures if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, but in case you missed some of them, you can check them out here. ENJOY! :)

Verjamem, da ste veliko večino teh fotografij že videli, če me spremljate na Facebook-u ali Twitterju, a če ste morda katero spregledali jo lahko sedaj vidijo. ;)

1. New Pendant watch - soon in my Etsy store / Pikapolonica urica na verižici
2. Luna and her Hello Kitty toy 
3. Me after work 
4. Black & White mustache earrings {love them!} / Uhančki brki

1. Me after work again 
2. One part of my day: Luna & walk with her, Chococino in cute Gardaland mug & Work, work, work! :) / En del mojega dneva: sprehod z Luno, Chococino in delo, delo, delo 
3. Coming soon ... to my  etsy shop of course! :)
4. Luna again :)

1. Super weird egg :) I made for Luna
2. Just one part of one day of my life
3. Luna
4. Shopping time!! Few minutes before shop closed ... it's all empty. ;) / Par minut pred zaprtjem trgovin. Nikjer nikogar. ;)

1. My breakfast / Zajtrk
2. Snack / Malica
3. Bracelets from  my shop / Zapestnici iz moje trgovinice
4. Did you know?? Weird fact of the day. :) 

1. Hello sunshine! / Dobro jutro! :)
2. In love with these earrings. 
3. Work in progress. / Nov nakit v nastajanju ... ;)
4. Did you know?? Weird fact of the day. :) 

1. Another shopping time - with M. & my sister.
2. Just me. :)
3. Mmm delicious dinner! 
4. Did you know?? Weird fact of the day. :) 

1. Working on new Jewelry and M made me Latte Macchiato. Beautiful Sunday!
2. Luna
3. Super late - 2.30 am ; need to go to bed ...
4. New in my Etsy shop / Novo v trgovinici

1. New headbands in my Etsy shop / Novo v trgovinici
2. Did you know?? Weird fact of the day. :) 
3. This picture just make your day whenever you see it! :)
4. Going on a long trip to a different continent ... goodbye my dear boxes.

See you soon, 

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