petek, 17. februar 2012


My lovely sister is making her Friday Favorites posts every Friday (obviously;)) on her blog, so I decided to make one too, since I always LOVE things she picked up for her Friday Favorites. :) 

So here we go: 

FAVORITE DOG picture: 

This made me laugh -- a lot. :)) 


Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?? ;))

FAVORITE Chuck and Blair photo: 

They both look so damn cute on this picture!!! Ohhh ... precious! :) 

FAVORITE pregnant photo

Funny, isn't it?? :)

FAVORITE colorful nails: 

I need to try this one ... soon. But before that I need to buy some nice nail polishes ... yes, I always found excuse to buy some more ... even if I had them in so many different colors. ;) 

FAVORITE cute and smart :) thing: 

Wishing you all a happy Friday! :) 
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  1. Super fotke, prva me je res nasmejala, nohti zgledajo pa krasni!
    Na blogu sva te nominirali za nagrado ;)


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