petek, 10. februar 2012


Well it's Friday but I think it's sill OK to make a Sunday wish-list - as long as we have fun, right? :)

1. One cute little buddy for my Luna is on my wish-list for sooo long. Wouldn't they be super sweet together? :)

2. Rain season is coming ... I don't like rain, but this colorful and cheerful umbrella will make it OK for a while. ;)

3. I don't really bake that much, but with this beautiful think - love that color!! - I might start baking more. ;) Or I would just watch it, because it's so nice. ;)

4. Wish-list tags: MUST have! :)) 

5. Cozy and warm thing to wear. Ohh we so need these kind of clothes right now, since the temperatures are super low (this past few days we had around - 18° celsius = - 64.4 Fahrenheit). 

So make your own wish-list and join us at this great game! I love it every single week. :))) 

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