sobota, 10. december 2011

Super busy

Hi there! I did not forget about you, I was just super busy with everything in these past days. My illness is almost gone (Hip hip hurray ;)), and since I had to cancel few classes two weeks ago (when I was not feeling that well at all) I need to work extra hard now, so that we could end it on time. And beside that I am working on some new Jewelry, that will soon be in my Etsy shop. That’s nice, right? ;)

And today we went out for a family meal together, since it’s my little sisters birthday! Happy birthday, little missy. ;) You’ll be a teenager for only a little while now, so make the best of it! And don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do. ;)

So here are some photos from today …

On our way to the family lunch:

photo (1)

Right now – it’s 10pm and I am drinking coffee .. oh well – I guess I won’t sleep much today, since I am going to drink a Red Bull after that. Nice, right? ;)



I am adding new Jewelry pieces in (my Etsy shop) every single day – so be sure to check it out regularly, if you don’t want to miss anything. ;)

Click on the image to get more information!

Available in 30 different colors!

Have a great day,


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  1. Beautiful products! I am a new follower to your blog. Can't wait to look around your blog a bit more.

  2. Sem po dolgem času spet obiskala tvojo Etsy trgovinico in imaš polno novih čudovitih stvari! <3


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