petek, 16. december 2011

CHRISTMAS WISHES – Digital Papers FREE Download

Here we go - as I promised. Free download just for you!! Enjoy in your all 10 of them, create something beautiful and make sure to let me know what you've came up to. I would love to see it, because I know it will be amazing! =) And that's not just because you'll use my papers. ;)

Kot obljubljeno - tukaj je 10 digitalnih papirjev, ki že zelo nestrpno čakajo, da jih nekdo uporabi in nam vsem pokaže kakšno slikico. ;) Torej, če se odločiš ustvariti kaj lepega z njimi, lepo lepo prosim sporoči mi, ker si bom z največjim veseljem ogledala tvoj izdelek. :) 

Click on the image to download it! 
Klikni na sliko in si shrani komplet listov!

Click on this image to make letters bigger! :)

Have a nice day,
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3 komentarji:

  1. Manuela, hvala. Kot vedno so krasni in ideja je že v moji glavi.

  2. can we print them and than use them?
    they are wonderfull!

  3. Hi,

    sure! You can download it and use it whenever you want.

    There's only one thing I would really appreciate: if you could link it back to my blog, so the others can find those papers too. :)

    And I would be thrilled if you would leave me a comment, just to tell me where can a admire your work with my papers. - this is obvious not something you must do, but I love checking up on things people create with my papers and sharing it with my readers. So it's great for you too, since I will share a link to your work with a lot of people. ;)

    Wishing you a beautiful day,


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