četrtek, 29. december 2011

Celebrity Facts {2}

I bet you didn't know: 

+ Actress Nicole Faraday was expelled from school when she was fifteen, after making a fake bomb out of alarm clock, Blu-Tack and old telephone wires. She thought the stunt would be taken as a joke, but the bomb squad were called and were preparing to do a controlled explosion when she finally owned up. She received a juvenile warning from police. 

+ Model Jerry Hall won a since scholarship at school. 

+ When Jay Leno was in fifth grade his teacher wrote on his report card: "If Jay spent as muh time studying as he does trying to be a comedian, he'd be a big star."

+ When Ann Robinson left school, her maths teacher told her she would never make anything of herself. 

+ The man behind the distinctive voice of Victor Meldrew, actor Richard Wilson, had his acting ambitions laughed at by his school drama teacher who told him, 'Don't be silly boy, you can't speak properly.'

+ Pop star Nicole Appleton was suspended from school for stealing Wotsits from a fellow pupil. She got caught up because her fingers were orange. 

+ Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze was teased at school because he liked to dance. 

+ Actress Michelle Pfeiffer was bullied at school because of her big lips. 

+ American president John F. Kennedy was voted the pupil 'Most Likely to Succeed', even thought he graduated 64th out of his high-school class of 112. 


+ Monica Lewinsky's classmates voted her 'The Girl Most Likely to get her Name in Lights.'

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