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Celebrity Facts

I bet you didn't know: 

+ One of David Bowie's eyes changed color after a compass-stabbing incident at school. 

+ Actors Robin Williams and Tom Cruise were both voted the pupil "Least Likely to Succeed" while at school. 

+ Actor Jack Nicholson was in detention every day for one whole school year. 

+ Prime minister Tony Blair once ran away from his school. One housemaster called him "the most difficult boy I ever had to deal with."

+ Oscar winner Nicolas Cage was expelled from school for putting grasshoppers in the egg salad during a school picnic. 

+ Television cook Nigella Lawson failed her eleven-plus by refusing to take a math paper. 

+ Actress Helen Mirren upset nuns at her convent school when she set up a darts stall at a local fairground. 

+ Actor and comedian Billy Crystal was voted "Best Personality of the class of '65" at school. 

+ In high school, singer Mariah Carey's nickname was "Mirage" because she would often be absent from classes. 

+ Hollywood director Steven Spielberg was nicknamed "The Retard" at school. 

+ When presenter Nadia Sawalha was thirteen, she emptied a fire extinguisher all over her headmistress's office, while she was in the room. Sawalha was suspended. 

+ When Richard Branson left school, his headmaster told him "I predict you will either go to prison or become a millionaire." :)

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  1. "Best Personality of the class of '65''
    Awwm that's pretty much the sweetest thing ever :)


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