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When you want something Custom made

Hello there, 

I'm pretty sure you've been at my Etsy store before, right? 
And many of you know that there are some items in there that could be custom made - you can choose a color and there's no extra fee for choosing another color that's shown on the first picture. For me it's exactly the same if make some earrings in black, red or pink. But for you it makes a difference. 

And I just wanted to show you all the items in my shop that can be custom made. 
So that you'll see how many options you have. ;)

Polka Dot Earrings 

This cute little polka dot earrings are available in 71 color combinations! WOW that's a lot of different color combos, right?? 

You can take a look at these cute earrings -HERE- and -HERE-

Bird Earrings Nickel Free

Birdie bird Nickel Free earrings are available in 16 colors. All of them are super duper nice. ;)

You can find it -HERE-

Moustache Stud Earrings

30 different colors!! That's pretty cool, ha? People all over the world are crazy about this earrings, so don't wait to long to own a pair. ;) You won't be sorry a bit. 

Go find them -HERE-

Colorful Circle Nickel Free Earrings

15 colorful circle designs and you can choose whichever you want. ;)

Check it out -HERE-

Birdcage Necklace 

15 lovely colors for this pretty Birdcage necklace. 

Go -HERE- if you want to know more about it.

So I guess this is it. If you want to check them all (I'm sure you do), you can click -HERE- and decide which one you like the most. 

Do you love one pattern and it's only shown on Earrings, but you would really love to have it on Necklace or on your Ring maybe?? Don't you worry a thing!! I can do it! 
Or would you prefer to have dangle Earrings more than stud Earrings? It's easy for me to make whatever you want. Just let me know your wishes and I'm making them true. :) 

You can write to me: info@manuela-s.com

Have a wonderful day, 
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