četrtek, 05. julij 2012


Oh Hi there! 

It's me again! LUNA! 

I know how much you missed me so here I am. But I can't stay too long since I have some urgent things to do. Ooo don't ask me what I got to do. Well if you insist ... I have to go outside and ... pee. There - I said it. So can we talk about something else now??? If you don't mind! Thank you. 

So I wanted to tell you one thing. This summer sucks! Well I guess it's not so bad, but come on!!! It's f... HOT in here! Hello!!! My skin is covered with all this hair and truth to be told I wish I can be a Chinese Crested dog these days! The are pretty much naked so I guess they're OK with all this summer heat. 

So Manuela bought me a swimming pool. Yes she did.
 It's small, but I can't complain to much - she already told me that's not polite and that I'm the only dog in the neighborhood having my own swimming pool. Can you see how cool am I? Yes? Well, ok than.

So let's go back to my swimming pool: it's nice and cold and even when the water gets warm I still drink it. :) Manuela is mad when I do that, since she always gives me fresh (and cold) water, but OH NO! I love my warm water from a swimming pool. Because I'm just classy like that.

Water! Help me!! There's a water in my eyes! Geeze this is kind a tough sport for a girl like me. I better keep my head above the water. Or maybe I should just buy some glasses ... 

So this is it for today. You know where am I going right now, so see you later alligator.  

I have to go. 


Don't even try to stop me. 

You all know where am I going right now ... right? 

Did I mention it before. I'm sure I did. 

I'm going  now. 


Yes, I'm just so classy. Like some kind of Royal dog. Just much more prettier. 

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