torek, 31. julij 2012

All Star Summer Ootd

Hello lovely people, 

I shared these two pictures with my IG (Instagram) friends quite some time ago, but didn't post them here. So I'm doing that today. ;) 

This one was taken after some quick grocery shopping (I think). And when I'm doing that sort of things (grocery shopping) I like to keep it simple and comfy. 

Light yellow All stars! My fav!!!
Esprit jeans, Berska belt (I belive), H&M neon pink top, Zara bag. 

And this picture was taken during playing with my sweet little cutie pie - Luna. And when you're playing with her, you need to be as simple dressed as possible. Nothing too white or you're going to end up looking like some crazy dirty persone! 

My All stars again! :) 
+ one of my fav summer skirt because it's so light you don't even know you are wearing it. And that what I appreciate when we talk about hot summer days. ;) Ooo and it's from Urban republic (almost forgot to share that info with you).

Have a wonderful day, 

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