sobota, 14. julij 2012

Just sayin' ...

And if any one of you is wondering: I'm not gay. I just don't have problems with other people being gay. I'm not afraid of them, I don't think they are abnormal in any possible way and I truly believe that they do not choose to be gay. And they are certainly not going through a phase. So get over it! Thank you! 

Have a great day and be kind to each other

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3 komentarji:

  1. I live in Germany. And here it is normal that gay people can marry. Here it is legal for about 10 years and hardly anyone bothers to it. I think everyone should live as he wants and that should be accepted and tolerated.
    Hugs, Uta

  2. Hi Uta,

    couldn't agree with you more! People should stop judging something, just because it's different. And I truly believe we should all have equal rights, because we are all the same - no matter who we love.

    Best regards,

  3. Super objava!
    Ampak to dopovedat določenim trmastim ljudem, ki se bojijo ne-vem-česa ...


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