nedelja, 22. julij 2012

True, true ... so true

Yes, you're not the only one. Thank God for that, ha? ;) 

Ok this happens to me a lot. I watched a lot of movies in my life! And when I need to recommend someone a movie ... ammm ... Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Like I live in a cave or something. Get it together girl! Or don't ... and just let people assume you don't even know what movie is. Whatever. 

Yes. That's me. Won't say anything else. I'm a poor loser. Indeed.

If you follow me on Instagram (my name there: manuela_s) you can see when I go to sleep sometimes. And I'm talking crazy hours here. Last night I went sleeping around 3.30 am! Crazy person alert! 

So enjoy your day (or evening) and see you soon, 

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