četrtek, 19. julij 2012

Joules Wellies

Ok ... I must admit I love them (them are: Joules Wellies) even more for using this SWEET image on their page!! This is so unfair - they know how to push my buttons. They really do. 

Sweet little baby pug. Ooo just stop with your sweetness!

SO my wish list is now even longer! Longer for at least one pair of this awesome Joules Wellies! I hope I won't have to wait for Santa to bring them to me ... because let's face it - that's way to long for me to wait. 

This babies stole my heart: 

Some other cuties: 

I better stop looking at them or I'll end up with a new order made today ... on my name ... no Santa involved. Yikes. ;)

Have a great day,
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