sobota, 01. september 2012

Time to make some decisions ...

Hi there, 

we're making (hard and very simple) decisions every single day, right? But from time to time we get lost and it's hard to see thing objectively. We start thinking - OMG what would they think (family, friends + other people in our life, because let's be honest: we can not call them all friends)?? 

And then we're often lost in all out thoughts and disturbing ideas running around our head. 

So stop PLEASING everyone! It won't get you far! And even if you do your best, there will still be some douche-bag trying to make you miserable! So please listen to the Bill Cosby: 

People can be idiots sometimes. And they will tell you you CAN NOT DO IT! Because you're not smart enough, not special enough, not good enough ... but you know, DEEP IN YOUR HEART you know exactly what are you capable to do and you WILL GET THERE! You can do it - just let your heart to lead the way! 

Wishing you all a happy and beautiful day, 

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