torek, 25. september 2012

Safety and cuteness

When it comes to my phone and computer I want them to be safe at any time while I'm carrying them with me. I don't know what would I do if something happens to my dear friends. :) 

Quite some time ago I bought this nice laptop bag, that I just love. It's so beautiful and perfect for my MacBook. It's from Bershka

I have it in black, but this blue one is gorgeous too. 

Price: 14.99€ / $19.20

M. bought me this amazing mint heart print phone case. It's sort of hard to stuck a phone in it (phone with a case, if you don't have any case on your phone, then you don't have to worry), but I still like it a lot.

He said I need something for my phone when I'm out with Luna. Something to keep it safe and sound. :) And so I choose the mind one. They also come in pink and black.

This one's from Bershka too.

 Price: 9.99€ / $12.80

And this is a case that I'm currently using on my iPhone. It's amazing! But I guess I need to buy a new one, because I'm kind a over this one already. I want something with Polka dots now. :)) 

Have an awesome day,

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