petek, 14. september 2012


When you love your country, love the place you're living, the best thing that you can do is go OUT and enjoy it! Enjoy every single moment and be very grateful for every piece of it. 

All pictures a from my Instagram (username: manuela_s), so that's why they are a bit more crispier. 

View from my home ... amazing. 

On our way home (hiking afternoon) ...

Another hiking date. :)

Long long walk with Luna. This is one small church in the middle of the forest. Nice and very peaceful. By the way - can you find Luna?? :) Take a look at that small dot on the right side of the church. :) Yes, that's my little cutie pie. 

Hiking again ... so green, so beautiful. 

Amazing green forest. And fabulous blue sky!

Have a great day,

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