torek, 11. september 2012


It's me again - LUNA!

I bet you've missed me so so much!! And now I just made your day by showing up and talking to you again. Am I wright or am I wright?? 

So I just want to show you my favorite morning activity (well this is not just morning activity - I would do it whole day long if they would let me, but they don't so I had to be happy with what I got).

I jump al over the bed and what I love to do (and Manuela somehow hate it!) - I roll all over her pillow and I jump on it, and lick it, and do all sort of normal stuff. What?? You'll say you don't do that? Like never ever?
Oh pleaseee!! Stop it! I know you lick your pillow too. Until it's all wet and then it's much better then it was before (when was all dry).

So this is crazy little me. 

Am I gorgeous or am i gorgeous? 

Have fun and send me something to eat. I LOVE EATING, but they won't let me eat as much as I want to need to ... dam diet thing!



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