torek, 14. avgust 2012

Some would call me lazy

Oo hello, 

didn't see me in a while, right? 

Well I was busy. I really was. Although some would call me lazy - I disagree! I really do. I work hard every day and it's not easy to be a dog. No, ma'm. So many tasks, so many different things to do. Oo I better not start talking about that. 

Well I'm not sure who put this photo in here, but it sure wasn't me! It can even be photoshoped! Because I never do that. I never rest. Never ever. 

It's all work for this lady! 

You see! This photo is proof of my hard work! Walk, walk, walk. And nothing I can do about it, because I'm on a LEESH! Am I an ANIMAL or what??? If I could chew it, I would already done it. But that stupid thing is way to strong. And I'm talking animal strong!

So do you now believe me how hard my life is? And you didn't even see the whole thing. 

Wait, I'm gonna' show you another picture, so you'll see for yourself. 

Wait for it ...

one more second ... 

Oh here it is!



And that damn delete button isn't working!

I assure you this one is photoshoped too! All the way photoshoped! I'm telling you the truth! 


I think I'll just go now ... take a moment off, since this whole thing is some kind of conspiracy! I'm telling you ... someone is messing with me ... 

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