četrtek, 09. avgust 2012

Before I go to sleep ...

Before I go to sleep I always check out Instagram. If you have it, you know how great it is and it can easily become sweet little addiction. Whenever you have nothing to do or you're waiting somewhere for something - you check your Instagram. And time flies! :) 

And sometimes I do this thing : take a picture of a clock (at that moment) + I add some quote that I really like (and would like to remeber for longer time, but I usually fail at that attempt). ;) 

So here are just some of them ...

From the oldest one ...

Yes it does! :) (4/22/2012)

Very wise lady! :) (5/14/2012)

So don't be afraif to fail from time to time ... (15/5/2012)

I like that one a lot! (6/14/2012)

Nice one! (6/15/2012)

Mother Teresa knew what she's talking about! (6/17/2012)

Yes! I do think so too. (18/6/2012)

Have a fabolous day, 

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