petek, 17. avgust 2012

Coffee? No, thank you.

I don't drink coffee. Never ever. Homemade coffee, that is. I only drink it when I had to study all night. And usually when the morning came, I felt so sick I could hardly stand up (lack of sleep - NO sleep, and too much coffee!). 

But I love Cofee to Go! ;) It tastest so good and smells even better! I would so went out and buy it now, but everything around me is closed at this late hour! :S 

So here are some coffee pictures (from Instagram). ENJOY! :)

On the road ... (7/23/2012)

4 hours of sleeping ... I needed this as the air I breath! And it felt so good!!(8/8/2012)

Late night driving home from shopping in capital. ;) I needed this to stay awake and to intertain M. during our ride home. ;) (8/11/2012)

Be nice and don't forget to SMILE! ;)


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