petek, 10. avgust 2012

Flashback Friday

Hello pretty people,

how are you today? 

You know what's super duper amazing and FUN?? Flashback Fridays! Yes they are! 

I just went through my Instagram pictures (username: manuela_s) and I hope I didn't missed anyone but I only found three flashback friday pictures. I need to post more! I really do. 

But it is what it is so here we go with what we have ... 

Baby Luna! She was so small here! I think this photo was taken just few weeks after we bring her home. Sweet little cutie pie! (instagram 5/12/2012)

Her big eyes and her new pink harness. Pretty girl! Only 7 months old here. (instagram 6/29/2012)

And me. With bangs. And not super happy about M. taking that picture. ;) I think I was looking at him and wondering "What are you doing over there??" :) (instagram 7/6/2012)

Have an amazing day and spend it with the people you love the most! 


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