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Show some Etsy Love II.

It’s time for another “Show some Etsy Love” post, this is the second one and I promise you will have a lots of fun if you stay with me ‘till the end of it! If you would like to check “Show some Etsy Love Part 1” just scroll down (to the end of this post) and there is a link that will get you right where you want to go.
Čas je za mojo drugo objavo “Show some Etsy love,” v kateri izberem en izdelek iz moje Etsy trgovnice in nato poiščem podobne izdelke drugih ustvarjalcev, ki so na kakršenkoli način povezani z mojim izdelkom – po motivu, barvi, namenu, itd. Če si želiš pred tem ogledati mojo prvo objavo “Show some Etsy Love” se spusti nižje (na konec te objave) in klikni na povezavo, ki te bo odpleljala direktno na 1. takšno objavo.
Item No. 1 – From my shop, called ManuelaS:

Apricot, Cream and Baby Blue Post Earrings - Set of Three✿ 20,00 EUR

Key word for this “Show some Etsy Love” is:
Item No. 1:

Pink wild flowers Fine Art from:

SylviaCPhotography✿ 20,21 EUR

Item No. 2:

Hand knitted, Poncho and Hat from:

elemegibere✿ 61,35 EUR

Item No. 3:

Hand Woven Scarf in Bamboo and Cotton from:

LoomOnTheLake✿ 101,04 EUR

Item No. 4:

Newborn Cotton Flower Newsboy Beanie from:

justborn✿ 7,22 EUR

Item No. 5:

Coastal seascape painting, oil on canvas from:

nancyhughesmiller✿ 212,90 EUR

Item No. 6:

Pink Giraffe Chair from:

VanessaRozier✿ 72,17 EUR

Item No. 7:

baby blue lacey wedding shoes from:

tlccreationsuk✿ 194,86 EUR

Item No. 8:

Adjustable Dog Collar from:


✿ 8,64 EUR
Are you an Etsy Seller and would like to be featured on my blog? Contact me( or through my Etsy Shop) and I will be glad to give you all the details.
Click on the picture to see “Show some Etsy Love Part I.”
Klikni na slikico za ogled objave “Show some Etsy Love,” del 1
Show some etsy love 1
This is all for today, I really hope you have enjoyed your staying here on my blog and be back soon for some new fun posts! Winking smile
Hugs until next time,
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