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Show some Etsy Love I.

Hi there! It’s been quite a while since I posted something on my precious blog. Did you noticed? Smile Well I am still here, I was just extra busy with a lot of great things going on in my life currently and of course it reflected on my blog too. But here we go again and I hope you are ready for some fun things! Rolling on the floor laughing
etsy love1
I will do this thing called “Show some Etsy Love” regularly, since I believe it will be great for buyers and for Etsy sellers too. In every post I will show you a picture from my Etsy shop, the picture that gave me an inspiration for this weeks “Show some Etsy Love.” And of course I will also present some gorgeous items from other Etsy shops – all related to this item from my shop. It’s kind a like Etsy Treasuries.  So this is it – should we start or what??  Send a kiss
Item No. 1 – From my shop, called ManuelaS:

Forget me not Post Earrings I.✿ 6,00 EUR

Key word for this “Show some Etsy Love” is:
Blue Flowers
Item No. 1:
Blue earrings from: taylorseclectic ✿ 49,98 EUR
Item No. 2:
Hair Pins from: annapanik ✿7,14 EUR
Item No. 3:
Flower On A Nylon Headband from: PrettyBabyBowtique ✿7,10 EUR
Item No. 4:
Dinner Menu Set (40) from: willowglenstationery✿64,26 EUR
Item No. 5:
Floral Embroidered Brooch from: Sidereal ✿15,71 EUR
Item No. 6:
Blank Cards Wedding or Birthday (4 pcs) from: Vintagebella ✿5 EUR
Item No. 7:
Flower necklace from: Gulguvenc ✿64,26 EUR
Item No. 8:
Wedding Invitation from: Hoopity ✿4,64 EUR
Are you an Etsy Seller and would like to be featured on my blog? Contact me (manuelina.ustvarjanja@gmail.com or through my Etsy Shop) and I will be glad to give you all the details.
So this is it for today! Smile I hope you like items I choose for you and if you do – I bet all this sellers will be so happy if you show them some love and maybe even buy something. Laughing out loud
Hugs until next time,
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  1. ooo kjut:) pa te res že nekaj časa ni bilo:P pa spremenila si podobo bloga...sem mogla prav pogledat, če sem na pravem blogu:) hehe:P cuteee

  2. Lovely collection of blue flowers! Thank you for including my pin =)


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