petek, 20. april 2012

UP! Theme party!

Smile y'all! It's Friday!

Hei there, 

so nice you stopped by! :) It's Friday so I won't bother you with some serious themes right now, I just wanna make you smile and if you're planning a party - here's some amazing theme! :) 

I saw movie UP! while ago (right when it came out) and I can still remember it - don't get me wrong, it's not the best I ever saw but it's good. 

And if you're about to throw a party and you or your kid likes this movie make an UP! party!!! I'm so in love with all these ideas that they makes me wanna do a party right now! I just need some more baking skills and I'm ready to go. :)

OK, I'm literally stunned! I wish I could have this kind of Party too. It's so sweet and looks so much fun! And that cake!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! 

So if I ever throw a party like this ... Would you came over? :) 

Here's just another stunning cake: 

And few funny Up! photos. To make you giggle little ... :) 

Have a gorgeous day and if you ever make a party like this - LET ME KNOW! No matter where you live!! I will hop on a plane and make sure to be there! :) 

Love you all! 


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