četrtek, 05. april 2012

OMG! What?!?

I almost fainted when I came to Facebook few minutes ago. I saw a picture of my latest Whiff of Joy DT creation (-see here-) and it took me a moment to connect the dots. You all know Katharina, right? She's the owner of amazing Whiff of Joy company and I know it's already a big honor for a crafter to become a WOJ Design Team member, but to be spotted by the owner and her loving my work so much that she decides to publish my work on her blog?? I definitely did not see that coming!!! At all! :)

« Funniest thing happened when my mom saw this Moleskin Diary with lovely Nora on it. She asked me if this is mine or my sisters. And I said that I made it, but nobody own it yet. And she looked at me like I said something really crazy. And I was like What? What's wrong? She said that there's no way I colored this, that I must bought it, because this is not hand colored at all! No way! And she needed few moments to start believing me. :) And if you're thinking "sure she said this, she's your mother, mothers do this - super loving everything that their child does." NOUP! She's sometimes so brutally honest that I can easily tell if she really likes something or not so much. »

You all know how much did I struggle with my paper craft mojo lately (-if you don't know, go here-) and I was even considering stepping down from gorgeous WOJ design team ... and thanks to the people around me, my fans and special thank to Jane (our DT leader - she was amazing during this period in my life) I manage to find my way back to paper crafting.

So I guess this is my sign from someone above that I'm on a right way. And I may or may not just happy danced around my house ... decide for yourself ... :)

+ Amazing things are happening to my Jewelry so I guess I'm on a right way there too ... but I won't share much more with you, because I don't want to jinx it just yet ... lets just wait for few more moments to be 100% sure things are going to the right direction. :)

So as Katharina mention in her post, here on my blog you can find various things. From pictures from my life, FREE DOWNLOADs, some tutorials (some new are coming soon - so excited about it) and if you would like to check up my JEWELRY, go here (I ship WORLDWIDE!) . You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All links are also at the top of my blog. :) 

Thank you and don't forget to SMILE, life's GOOD! :) 

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  1. Povsem zasluženo, saj res dobro igleda, takole na natur podlagi :-))

  2. Super Manuela. Voščilnica je res čudovita ♥. Lp

  3. Čestitke! Res sis sizaslužila in tole je res težko verjet, da je ročno pobarvano, ker je res perfektno. LP

  4. Hi Manuela
    thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog. But for making your fantastic creations, I need much more training :-).
    Hugs Claudia


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