nedelja, 29. april 2012

Sometimes you just need a ROCK

Hei there! 

It has been so stressful and exhausting weekend for all in our familiy since we are doing some renovation in our house (again! this time another room) so this actually means a lot of work, no free time at all, very little time to sleep (who needs that anyway, right?!?) and the temperatures are pretty much to "summer-ish" for this time of the year, so we have to deal with that too. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE sun and warm weather, but it can be a bit overwhelming when you're actually doing some hard work. 

So that's the reason why I wasn't so focused on my blog, Etsy shop, Facebook fan page, ... so sorry for that, but we started this renovating thing as a family, so we need to finished it like "one for all, all for one." :) 

But I've got something to cheer you up! :) Luna wanted to say Hi! :) Well not really, since she does not care for my blog at all, but you can imagine she's just that polite and she's saying Hi to you all. 

"Look at this!!! OMG, did you even knew we had so many rocks here?? Did you?!?"

"I'll took this one! Perfect shape and it's just right for me."

"Look what I've got! And don't even thing to take it away from me. It's mine and if you want one, get your own."

"And now I'm just gona lie here and eat my stone."

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