torek, 29. november 2011

Here we go again …

Remember my “Wordless Wednesday” post while ago? Well the illness is back! It really kick me of this time. And I was just watching some photos on my phone and I found this picture of my sweet pug Luna {taken few days ago} and I am so sad that I am to sick to take her out today.

And instead of that I went to my doctor, who obviously thought I have to much blood in my system and I need to give some of it out. :) Well not exactly like that, but I did gave some blood and they did test it and it is official – I am sick a hell! ;) I cough a lot, and I mean A LOT! So my whole body hurts and I can’t really sleep at night. I just hope this whole drama will end soon – because seriously I miss walks with my sweetie pie and I miss every little thing that I can’t do just because I am sick!


+ Luna enjoying her walk – she loves this place, because she can run un-leashed and I don0t need to worry some car will hit here – since this is in the middle of the big hill (without any roads on it)

+ Me waiting for my blood results. :) Not such funny moment. And when I came home and try to put this thing off – another not such funny moment, since this thing is super strong and it really hurts when you want to take it off.

Have a wonderful day and I just hope you are felling much better than me! :)


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  1. Želim ti čimprejšnje okrevanje, da boš spet lahko počela vse tisto, kar te veseli.

  2. Uf zadnje čase pa res nimaš sreče ... veliko počitka pa boš spet kmalo na nogah :) Čim hitrejše okrevanje ti želim. LP


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