torek, 04. oktober 2011

Wear a smile … {1.}

Wear a smile

We should smile more, don’t you think? So here we go – laugh as much as you can, since this is the best therapy you can get for this amount of money. :)))

A se tudi vam zdi, da se veliko premalo smejemo?? No sedaj je ravno pravi čas, da to spremenimo in da se začnemo na veliko smejat! ;)


:) Technology … ;)


Oh those grandmas … :)


Hehe, poor little thing! ;)


I have this exact problem … but I usually stand in front of my wardrobe … :)




Did you guys have a party? And didn’t tell me about it?? ;)


Hello Kitty seems to have some problems … (:

Admit – you did laugh, right? Well I hope you did and be sure to be back on the next Tuesday too, since it will be time to laugh again! :) And tomorrow it’s time for Wordless Wednesday!!! Yeeeyyy! :) Check it out, since I am going to show you some cute pictures!!! See you soon, Love U all! :)

A smo se kaj nasmejali?? Ma seveda, da smo se!! Naslednji torek bodi tu, ker še imam nekaj smeha za vse vas. :) Jutri pa je že čas za Wordless Wednesday objavo, katere ne smeš zamuditi. Sploh, če želiš izvedeti kje sem bila… aha aha. ;) Bodite lepi, zdravi, nasmejani in pametni še naprej! ;)

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