sreda, 12. oktober 2011

Show some Etsy Love VI.

It’s time for new Etsy Love post! I hope you will like it and show some Etsy love, since all sellers there work really hard to achieve something! ;)

This week my inspirational item from my shop is this necklace:

Mr. Rabbit Necklace

And my Keyword was: Fairytale

Ključna beseda: Pravljica

Etsy Love 6

1. Halloween Bunny Rabbit. Raven Crow. Art Print

2. Mossy Ring Bearers Pillow

3. Fairytale Castle Wedding Shower Wish Tree

4. Rabbit Dog Hat

5. Premature Newborn Rose Pixie Flower Bonnet Crochet Hat

6. Elf Forest Playset - tiny forest

7. Dog Art Illustration Print FAIRYTALE BOSTON TERRIER

8. Mattilda & Annie - Primitive Folk Art Elf

In case you missed one of my previous “Show some Etsy Love” posts, just click on the images below and you will be directed to those posts. :) Enjoy!

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Have a nice day and enjoy every moment of it,


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  1. Thankyou ever so much for featureing my Red Rose Bonnet :) What a lovely selection of finds x



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