ponedeljek, 19. september 2011

You must love one person - YOU!

It's OK to love more than one person in your life, but there is ONE in particular that you MUST LOVE, RESPECT, APPRECIATE and TRUST the most! YOU, silly! :) 

Did you ever take a moment and asked yourself - "Do I really LOVE myself? Do I RESPECT the person I see in the mirror every time I look? Do I APPRECIATE my soul, my body, my mind?" 

Those are some pretty hard, complexed and BIG questions! But we need to face this problem, because it is more important that it may seems at first. 

You just can not expect from someone to love you with all his/her heart, if you are not IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF first! I am not telling you to be egoistic, selfish and mean to others - NO! I am telling you to take a moment each day, look at the mirror, embrace the person you see and tell yourself: I LOVE YOU BECAUSE ...  Can you do it? Will you do it with me?? Should we start this self-improvement exercise together?? OK, I will do it to. :) And if you tell me - why you love yourself today, I promise you I will post about my reasons why I love Manuela today. ;) 

So you know what to do and I will join you if you will play with me. For one week. That should be easy right? 

And do I love Manuela? Do I love person I see in the mirror every day? Do I love that girl that sleeps in my bed every night? YES I DO!! And I am so happy to say this out loud! I don't think I am egoistic because of that, not at all. How will I be able to love my boyfriend, my sister, my parents, my friends and others if I wouldn't love this girl I know my whole life? I would not be able! I couldn't respect them, appreciate them and LOVE them. That's it - so don't be afraid and embrace YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL, BODY and MIND! 

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