petek, 23. september 2011

This week No. 1 {Review}


Do you remember last weeks post “This week No.1?” Well if you don’t, go and check it out –here. But today we should check together what did we DO and what we DIDN’T DO. :) Are you ready??

So you were suppose to:

1. Eat some delicious Cupcakes! :)
Did that and they were really yummy! :)))

2. Take a really long walk to clear your mind!
I take a lot of walks per week, since my doggie likes to walk a lot. But my longest one this week was around 2 km (around 1,2 miles). So is this long enough to clear your mind? Well it would be in normal conditions – but with Luna you need to be 100% there, with her, since she is very curious dog and she finds absolutely every trash there is! So I did a walk – but did I clear my mind? Well, you can’t have it all, can you? :)

3. Watch some Pretty Little Liars episode! But be careful – you might get so nervous that you will have to repeat No. 2 again. ;)
Ohh I did this one and I really enjoyed it so so much! ;)

4. Treat your self with a warm bubble bath.
Sadly I didn’t do this last one … but I will try to do it this week! ;)

So be sure to check my blog on Sunday too, since I had prepared new list of things you should do in the upcoming week. And I promise you will have a lot of fun doing it to! ;)
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