petek, 30. september 2011

This week No. 2 {Review}

Last weeks “This week No. 2” was pretty fun, right? :) Well it’s time to check out what we did and what we didn’t do. ;)

So you were suppose to:

1. Make some delicious Cocktail and drink it (alone or in a good company)!

Yes, sir! I did that! :) And it was so yummy that I just can’t describe it to you – you should try it, to know it. :)

2. Do your nails in a color that it’s not very usual for you, in a color that you would normally never wear on your nails! Be brave! ;)

Oh yes – I did that one too! I usually don’t do glitter nail polishes, but this week I did an exception and I must say I liked it! So happy that I tried it and I will definitely use it in a future too. And I am so sorry that I didn’t take any photo … if it helps I can describe it to you … well I used some pretty great brown for the base and put some silver glitters on it. I should totally do it again and take pictures, right?? ;)

3. It’s never to late to do some Spring cleaning ! Turn your wardrobe upside down and make some room for new Fall/Winter collection!

No. I didn’t do that. :( So sorry, I hope you did! :D But I was just to busy this week and I wasn’t able to do anything much in my room.

4. I am pretty sure that there is someone in your life that deserves to hear this three words – “I love You!” So do it! Tell it! Out loud of course! :)

Of course I did that one! :) You thought I wouldn’t do it, ha? Bit I did and so should you – even if it’s just to your dog (cat, parrot or a mouse) – an animal can understand to, I seriously believe that! :)

Next “This week” post will be on at Sunday morning, so do not miss it!! ;)

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