petek, 05. oktober 2012


This is a new line of my Jewelry. 
A very special line. 
Everything you can see here is hand drawn and I couldn't love it more. 
I adore every single piece, because I know how many hard work is put in there. How many love and devotion. 

But this is just a start. 
I have a lot more to show ... but for today, let's just say this is something to look forward to other new designs. 

All these images are little pieces of ART. 
Hand drawn by one talented young artist. 
I really hope she will pursue her dreams and won't give up. 

It can be hard, but if you LOVE what you do, there's no limit. And no one can convince you otherwise. 

P.s.: These three pairs will be added to my Etsy shop during weekend. So please feel free to check it out anytime. 

Have a gorgeous day,
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