torek, 09. oktober 2012

Best Office ever

Sunday afternoon. 


With M.

Making planes and working on something that will probably occupy me during (at least!) next three months ... well let's make it 6 months, since we're working alone on this and with so much going on we don't even know when will this be done.

But we were :

In the best office EVER! 

So green. 

So peaceful and quite. 

Birds were singing and we had so much fun.

Plus then this little kitty came to visit us. We don't even know who's cat is this. But she was so sweet! Until she scratch me! Little devil! 
But look what she's doing - crazy cat! ;) 

Have a fabulous day, 

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2 komentarja:

  1. Za pisarno se kar strinjam. Se je nebi branila, sploh poleti. Pozimi bi verjetno malo razmislila.

    Maček pa izgleda kot kakšen divji ris. :)

  2. joooooj kako cort mucek!!!! ja pisarna je pa res dobra, tudi jaz bi jo imela samo poleti ;) LP


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