petek, 30. marec 2012

Glitter is for life, not just for Christmas

I love Glitters! And it was only a matter of time when will I incorporate them into my Jewelry. And today I am giving you, pretty ladies (and handsome gentlemen's), a little sneak peak on what I've been up to lately. P.s.: if you follow mw on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you already saw a picture of my brand new Glitter collection, if not you'll be able to see it now. :)

All these Earrings will be added to my Etsy shop during next few days - so keep an eye on them if you want a pair of my glitterish earrings in your jewelry collection. ;) 

P.s.: I have some absolutely stunning Neon colors available, so if you're super trendy girl you know all about how fashion forward neon is these days! :)

Have a lovely weekend, 

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