ponedeljek, 20. september 2010

Bottle tag

“Bottle tag” je nekaj kar želi videti Katharina na svojem Whiff of Joy blogu. Pa sem se lotila dela in nastalo je to kar je nastalo. ;)


Hi there! Thank you for stopping by today. Katharina from Whiff of Joy would like to see some bottle tags if you want to participate her Guest Designer call. And right after I saw this I knew I want to participate since it’s so great to do those bottle tags! And it makes a fabulous gift for someone as well.  So here are some of the pictures I took. Hope you like what you see. ;)


I added some glitters on this sweet Willows dress and I also added some Glossy accents. In real her dress looks so sparkly and gorgeous! I really love this effect. ;)


All four red flowers are sprayed with Glimmer mist and they look so much better now. I hope you can  see at least half of that sparkly thing on them. :)


  When you “open” first layer of the tag, you can even write some note in it, if you want. I just added “Happy new year” and this bottle is ready to be part of a great holiday gift for someone special. :)


Thank you for your time and attention. See you next time.

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5 komentarjev:

  1. Lušten tagec!Všeč mi je to z okencem in napisom notri.

  2. Všečno, pa fajn je ta skriti napis....

  3. Res lepo! Vedno z veseljem občudujem vsa ta ustvarjanja, ker sama nimam niti nekega hudega talenta niti potrpljenja za te stvari...

  4. A wonderful creation, great colouration and design! Thanks for taking part in WoJ's GD Call!

  5. Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!


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