petek, 29. julij 2011

One Lovely blog award

It’s been a while since I did any of this “blog award” thing.  But since my sister gave it to me and my blog, it’s kind a right thing to go with it, right?

So the rule is simple – share 7 things about yourself. Hmm… should we start? But where?! Ok here we go …

1. I absolutely adore my sweet pug Luna. She’s just the cutest dog ever and OMG she is so smart sometimes, that I would not believe it if I wouldn’t see with my own eyes. 

My little baby when she was around 5 – 6 months old.


And here she is now (few months ago) – all grown up.

2. When I eat pizza I will always drink Coca-cola with it. You can offer me a million different drinks, but NO! I will have Coca-cola! Always! Oh and I HATE mushrooms and drives me crazy when a waiter doesn't listen very carefully and brings me pizza with mushrooms and I specifically requested the one without! Grr!

3. There are only few people (and one dog ) in this word who know me, the real me. All the others just THINK they know me and all about me. It’s kind a hard to get real close to me, to get in my personal life – so don’t fell bad if you try and failed. It happens all the time.  

4. I trust my instinct – BIG TIME! And if I get that strange felling about something – I will trust it, since it never fail me before and I am pretty good at reading people because of that. And I can “smell” a “Pretender” miles away. I can tell when you are faking it and when you are real, so don’t even bother! :) I only get better with ages – with all this instinct and reading people thing.

5. I don’t have favorite color or a singer or an actress/actor, for that matter. I like a lot of colors and a lot of singers/actresses/actors, too.

6. Sometimes I get that bad felling that I may be addicted to shopping.  And then I go and buy something beautiful just to shut up that stupid voice that tells me “You are addicted to shopping!”

7. I love all sorts of shows like – White Collar, Pretty Little Liars, Modern Family, Lie to Me, Psych, Desperate Housewives, Chuck, Covert Affairs, The Hills, Audrina, Dr. House, Oprah, One tree Hill, The O.C., The Mentalist, Rookie Blue, Prison Break and so on and so on… And yes – I watched all of them and plenty more! What can I say? I just love a great show and I can stay awake for very very long time if I want to!

So this is it – seven truths about me. Hope I didn’t bore you and I just need to show you some new earrings that you can get in my Etsy Store from today on.

Antique bronze filigree is  NICKEL FREE  and Earring posts are made of  SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL, which made them perfect for almost every sensitive ear. Color: Lime green

Rainbow Blue and Purple Post Earrings

Hugs until next time,


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