sreda, 27. junij 2012

Work is good

Well, when you enjoy what you do then work really is good! And it's hard to concentrate on anything else. 

This is actually the main reason why I wasn't here (on my blog) as often as I would like to be. I'm having some free time (to spend it here) only after midnight as it seems. Right now it's past 1 am and I'm still awake (and will be until I finish this and maybe prepare a post for tomorrow). 

But I'm NOT COMPLAINING! Not at all. :)) I'm pretty satisfied with my life at this point and I know for sure this is only a beginning.

Sp if you follow me on Instagram (@manuela_s) or on Twitter you've already saw this pictures but if not ... please enjoy! :) 

My "work pictures" ... 

Can you tell I have a little obsession with all sorts of notebooks?? This is just one small part of my stack! ;) Don't tell anyone!

This photo was taken around 1 am ... that's right. I just packed last piece and this little baby was send directly to United States of America (as you can see). 

I get to spend some time with this guy - still love him as I did the first time I saw his beautiful buttons. ;) 

I love this cute Birdcage jewelry. And was happy to made it for my dear customers in Switzerland. If you're guessing the colors - pink is Cotton Candy and white is Ghost White. You can find it -here-.

+ I've been also working on some crazy badass :) summer color combinations for my Jewelry. And this is just one of the things I came up with - Neon Green and Orange Color Block Earrings. I'm in LOVE! Don't miss them on my Etsy shop! Will soon be there. 

So this is just a quick update on my work. There is so much more going on, but let's keep few things as a surprise, shall we? :)

Have a gorgeous day and keep smiling! 

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  1. Krasno prekrasno, sem brez besed. Prav nekaj posebnega so tile tvoji uhančki. LP


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