sobota, 16. junij 2012



Luna here! :) 

I'm sure you all know me and I'm so happy to be able to write something to you. 

Manuela let me use her blog, but I had to promise I'll behave and won't say anything to embarrassing or stupid. Oh well ... we'll see how that works. 
She even told me I can write my own posts more often if I'll be nice and won't offend anyone. We'll see about that. ;)) 

But today I just want to share with you how miserable I was few weeks ago. My tummy hurt really bad and when Manuela came home (I guess she was at the vet) she gave me something funny and round to eat. I heard those are some pills and I really love them since she gives them to me with some kind of meat. Every single day! Oh I couldn't be happier. :)) 

And after that my tummy didn't hurt anymore. I also heard them talking at the vet once ... they said I have this condition and that it's possible that I will have this problems for the rest of my life. I wasn't happy about it ... but I guess this isn't the worst thing it can happen to someone ... at least those pills are making me feel better and soon after I take it, the pain is gone! 

But when it does hurt I just sleep all day and don't feel like doing anything. I look so sad that all my human friends cuddle with me all day long. That's not so bad, either. ;) 

Right before I became sick M. bring me home this big monkey. Ok, it probably isn't that big to you, but it is to me. I'm pretty small, you know? So Monkey is now one of my friends. I love to spend time with him and he knows how to feel be better. 

Manuela took these pictures of me ... and as I mention before: I felt awful at that moment, so please don't resent me my no-make-up-face. 

[I feel much better now! So don't send me any Get well cards, OK?]

The end.

Oh wait!!!

I forgot something!! 

Wait, wait, wait!!!

You probably love my diary, right? Well there's no doubt about it! I know that! I just wanted to be polite. Excusez-moi! 

Well if you like it LOVE IT and would like to read in the future just click on that cute little button Manuela made me (it's in your LEFT! Are you blind or something?!). Well obviously, this is my first time on computer, so I don't know exactly how to use it, ok?? - otherwise I would make it myself!! Ok???? I'm not that incompetent, you know?!

So just click on it and you'll be directed to my DIARIES!!! Because I'm just that important. Oh yeah! I really am. 

So here we go again ... 


For today!

See you soon!

Gotta go ... 

Manuela's mad at me ... 

apparently I droll over her computer! WHAAAT?!? Say WHAAATT??


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