četrtek, 10. maj 2012

My heart is full of LOVE

Hello lovely people! 

I'm always happy when someone decide they would like to own a piece of my Jewelry. Every single time I feel great honor that you choose ME in this huge amount of great Jewelry designers. My gratitude never gets old and every item I made has a little part of my heart in it. 

And when you receive your package and you e-mail me that it's even more gorgeous that you thought it would be!! My heart is full of LOVE, let me tell you that! :)

Not so long ago I receive a message from a lovely Teresa from Austria saying that she's getting some really nice compliments for my work and she just thought I should know that. :) 

Her purchase: 

Another lovely lady from United states wrote me this gorgeous feedback: 

I was so happy with the purchase! The earrings were adorable and a perfect Christmas present. The order arrived quickly from Europe, and I was completely charmed by the lovely box and ribbon on the packaging. Manuela herself was great to work with and so responsive to my emails.

This was pretty long time ago (December 31st) but she was so sweet I had to share it with you! :) 

Her purchase: 

And from Italy I got this cute feedback: 

These earrings are a gift for my niece and she'll be very happy to wear them, I'm sure! :) They are PERFECT! :)) Excellent service, shipping and communication. Thank you so much Manuela, I will return in your shop soon :)


And one very special girl from Slovenia did even more than just sending me a message about how she and her friends love my Jewelry. They all took a picture and send it to me!!! How cute is that??? Oo my, she really made my day when I saw it. Thank you, D.

They are wearing these earrings: 

I'm adding new pieces of my Jewelry into my Etsy shop almost every day, so if you want to check it out, DO it! :) And I am always available for all your questions if you have some. Just send me an e-mail (info@manuela-s.com) or contact me through Etsy.

THANK YOU for trusting me and my Jewelry. Love you all! :)

Have a great day, 
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